The Precious Gift of Beauty’s Way

So often we associate beauty with the external…a beautiful flower, or face, or sky, or garden, or painting, or bird. And yet, it’s also a frequency that embodies all of existence.

Letting Go of Enslavement

However, if we’re still holding onto the old, toxic, archaic lies and programming of social conditioning, or the psychological mind, or religious or celebrity spiritual dogma, in other words, that which enslaves us, then our access to this frequency is greatly impaired.

The Mirror of Our Inner Being

When we make the choice to morph our inner world into one of silence, deep calm, and presence, we begin to see that what we are looking into is the mirror of our own inner being…our own source connection…our own well-spring of authority and knowing…our own magnificent beauty.

Beauty’s dancing presence is everywhere, within and without

What Beauty’s Presence Sees

On the frequency of beauty we are able to sense the inner beauty of others, even if they think they are hiding it, don’t believe it even exists, or don’t feel safe enough to share it for whatever reasons.

Often if others are near someone who has embodied beauty’s presence, they can feel much discomfort as they are sensing, on some level, that all they’ve been trying to hide is being deeply seen. They can feel exposed. The opposite can also be true…that while in beauty’s presence, one can sometimes feel freed, if only momentarily, depending on the receptivity and openness of the recipient.

Putting Our Baggage Down

In the depths of beauty’s silence, presence, and calm, nothing is ever seen as ugly, shameful, or worthless and can often trigger an unburdening, or letting go in the other. It can feel like we’re putting all our baggage down, once and for all, at beauty’s door.

This single act of surrender, of poignant vulnerability and the grace of such humility, can crack the heart open and we are filled evermore with what had always been our one, true essence…untold beauty.

No Desperate Fixing or Changing

When we let go and allow ourselves to be filled in this way, everything that is not of this essence will make its way out…if we let it…and don’t try to cling on to it, fix it, or attempt to change it so we can feel better.

This is the challenging part because it doesn’t feel good, and mostly we’ll try and do anything else but feel the pain and discomfort of what’s wanting to leave.

Filling Up and Flushing Out

We need simply to remember that in the light of beauty’s presence, the discomfort is just a sign that we are filling up with more and more beauty which is quite literally flushing out the dead, dark debris that is no longer aligning with it’s essence…and the most important thing we can do is to let that happen by not interfering…by remaining conscious of what is actually taking place, and in as calm and grounded a manner as is possible, simply allow whatever is rearing its head to rise up and be washed away.

Beauty As a Human Calling

In the words of my favourite Irish author, John O’Donohue, who insisted that beauty was a human calling (and so do I), he says:

“Beauty isn’t all about just nice loveliness. Beauty is about more rounded, substantial becoming. And I think when we cross a new threshold, that if we cross worthily, what we do is we heal the patterns of repetition that were in us that had us caught somewhere. And in our crossing, then, we cross onto new ground where we just don’t repeat what we’ve been through in the last place we were. So I think beauty in that sense is about an emerging fullness, a greater sense of grace and elegance, a deeper sense of depth, and also a kind of homecoming for the enriched memory of your unfolding life.”

-John O’Donohue

Moving Into Fullness

According to John O’Donohue, a threshold is a place where you move into a more critical, challenging and worthy fullness. I really like that definition because it follows exactly the waves and layers that I’ve come to experience as deep surrender throughout different stages of my own life.

Beauty’s Frequency Is Here To Stay

In the days of old, the purity and essence of beauty could be touched only by the spiritually disciplined, the gurus, ascetics, monastic hermits, sages and masters. Today, the essence and purity of beauty’s frequency is here to stay and now available to all, and it’s purging this earth of ours (including ourselves) in unprecedented waves of upheaval, excavation, transparency, realignment, and renewal. We need just allow it to purify. We need much compassion for self and others. We need much inner stillness. We need much space and rest for this morphing to take place.

Growing In Beauty’s Light

Beauty’s way is a far cry from rushing, scheduling, busyness, or cramming an infinite soul into a suffocating box of rules, rote repetition, or conforming regulations.

In the end, may we all embody such ‘grace and elegance’ and come to own what we are…beings filled by beauty’s infinite essence, for it is beauty’s way to shine its light deeply into all beings, into all of life, and like a tender kiss or a gentle caress, it can bring about more positive change and more growth than an entire lifetime of knowledge.

With much love,

Heather xo

Watch my video message here. (7:21 mins)


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