Note:  everything below is past history. Don’t give it too much attention other than your fleeting curiosity. With each new day, more and more we are becoming like a blank page, going with the flow of whatever’s happening as much as possible..letting go…letting go…always letting go….

I was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and moved to Botswana, Africa at the age of nine with my family where I lived for four and a half years during my most impressionable years. It was here that I began to understand the connection between all living things and came to know the grace and wisdom of the natural world. You could say that it was Africa herself that taught me to recognize and feel the sacredness of all life, both visible and invisible, and so, I started to write things down. Decades later the name came…Sacred Scribe.

Greatest Teachers

I have been writing much of my life as a way to express the feeling of nature’s wisdom and benevolence moving through me and have found this practice, along with nature herself, to be the two most influential teachers I’ve ever had.

Adversity, Expansion & Embodying More

Adversity can also be another great teacher, and my journey of expansion has taken me through my share of it.  From this adversity came growth and transformation, and with the passage of time I’ve gained the insight and the privilege to write about what I call the expansion of embodying more of who we truly are – which I feel to be the ever evolving purpose of our moment to moment existence.

We Are Meant To Enjoy Life


 But, if you don’t have the time or inclination to read through the material on this site, then let me sum things up for you in one simple statement:

“Regardless of circumstance, we can still feel joy. Even in poverty, illness, or emotional stress, the ability remains to look up at the sky, or at a flower, or fall into our heart and feel the deep love of nature itself and be reminded that that love is who we are.”

Simple Living

At heart, I’m still really a bush girl from my youth in Africa whose greatest joy and fulfillment remains being in, and communing with nature. I live a humble, quiet life in a little valley town in Southern Ontario, Canada, whose beautiful, natural surroundings of forest, lakes, and waterfalls keep me ever outdoors through all seasons, either hiking, kayaking, looking at the sky, or simply feeling grateful as much as possible. I like to walk wherever I need to go, which I find calming and grounding.  



What You Don’t Know About Me

From my Africa days, I’m in love with tea-time, gemstones, sunshine and wide open spaces. I love to dance. I studied Journalism in college. I’m also a former Holistic Nutritional Consultant who adores cooking and creating new things in the kitchen, and love the feeling of nourishing, nurturing, and feeding others. In my mid-thirties I gave up a house in the country, with almost everything in it, and a job, to go on a road trip of pure freedom that took me across Canada and the Southern USA for almost a year in a VW camper van with no fixed address or cell phone.  I returned  miraculously three months pregnant, something doctors had said wouldn’t likely ever happen for me.  My beautiful daughter and only child is now an adult.  I’ve travelled much, having walked on the land of five continents including Africa, Europe, Asia, and North & South America.  In India, a trip incredibly gifted to me by a dear friend, I trekked up and down the sacred hill of Arunachala in Tiruvannamalai.  Also in India, I spent some time in Auroville, the universal town of human unity, and had the privilege to sit in silence within the inner chamber of Matrimandir.  I love long distance car and train rides, and am a fierce lover of nature, well-being, tenderness, freedom, sovereignty, solitude, humor, kindness, morning coffee, silence, and gardening. I dream of living on a small and beautiful hobby farm where I can be fully and creatively self sufficient with a few chickens and a like-minded other or others.