Don’t you find it a mystery how the earth simply turns on its own, how it orbits the sun which gives us the immense gift of the seasons year after year, always on time, without our involvement?

There’s something magical about nature’s cycles and the infinite movement of life that brings a deep calm when we allow ourselves to open and become aware of what lays before us…like the sparkling snow crystals on a forest path, the sound of a lone robin singing at dawn, the mesmerizing ripples in a puddle caused by the splash of a raindrop, the mighty pilgrimage of a snail as it gently slides through the morning dew.

To the great mystery of the earth, nature, and the cosmos, we can give our thanks for the utter calm that issues forth from this very foundation of our existence.  Can there really be any other response for such benevolence?

At a time when so much continues to feel uncertain and unstable in our lives, deep calm is forever available to us, regardless of circumstance, when we learn to flow our focus towards the basic blessedness of life that’s always aligned with love, nature and joy.

Heather Fraser – Jan 2022  (37 pages)

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