Hello. My Name is Heather



Welcome to my online sanctuary of pure beauty, calm, and groundedness.  I hope you find it a welcome respite from a world in great transition.


I created the Sacred Scribe website many years ago in the hopes of offering inspiration to others by expressing and contributing, if only in the smallest of ways, about how I felt about freedom, creativity, nature, beauty and living a simpler, more meaningful and peaceful life.  With an overhaul to the site in 2020, my main focus was that this space felt like a safe sanctuary, a place to visit now and then, where you could find relevant, creative offerings of support for these times.


The Dismantling of the Old

Back in January, 2020, two months before the entire world began its descent into the dark dance of virus pandemonium, I wrote a blog post entitled, Creating Calm – The Need of Our Times.


The opening paragraph speaks about how 2020 will be talked about in hindsight as a year of dissolution, the process in which something becomes weaker and weaker, then literally dismantles, and how patriarchal power, war, oppression, lies, money, religion, dictatorship, global warming, and greed will all come apart.  At the time I had no idea why I had written the words…

In Step With Nature’s Way

In case you haven’t noticed, the dissolution is in full swing, but not to worry, because alongside, there’s also a new vibe flowing onto the planet, one that is fully in line with nature, along with honesty, love, creativity and integrity, despite everything mainstream media is portraying to the contrary.


You have to get quiet…real quiet, to tune in and feel it. When you do, you can hear the voice of nature.


Life is no longer about information, the past, being spoon fed, dependency on old, archaic systems, but rather, tuning into ourselves and the connection each and every one of us has with what’s beneath the surface of the façade of all that we’ve been slave to for eons. It’s about connecting directly with our own inner source of power, dropping the need for external babying.  This is taking place both inside and outside, globally and personally, whether we’re aware of it or not.

We Are Being Upgraded Turbo Charge Style

You could say that nature is the new frequency.  And not only nature as in the forests, lakes, plants, insects, and animals etc.  It’s nature as in all of existence itself. Nature rules now, and anything that is out of line with this will simply experience more and more imbalance.


Each of us is being upgraded, turbo charge style, whether we realize it or not, to take control of our lives, break out of old patterns relating to society, work, family and relationships, and to face our deepest fears so we can let them go, and begin to align with nature’s way.


It’s about disengaging ourselves, however painful and frightening at times, from the sludge and heaviness of toxic, old, abusive, oppressive, worn out, power driven, top heavy systems.

We Are Nature’s Simplicity

Of course, the choice is always ours to make, and many simply want to stay in their comfort zones of perpetual subservience and slavery, and yet, the vibe and feeling between the old and the new is vividly palpable now causing much discomfort.


Nature’s way is about resonating from within, listening to what feels true for us with regards to what we put into our bodies, how and what we spend our money on, how we give and receive based on interactions and collaborations of genuine interest and care rather than simply as a way to survive, and about creating a new way of existing that flows out of nature’s simplicity, ease, harmony, inclusiveness, abundance, and aliveness.


Nature is, and always has been, and will be forevermore, a model of perfection when it comes to living and thriving in harmony with everything. It’s only we humans who thought we had the upper hand.  We actually thought we could get away with overriding love and the rules of nature in the name of money and power.  We are now experiencing the consequences of that grave error.