Something Endless & Beginning-less

In this excerpt (below) from my ebook, The Myth of Being Thin, I reflected while these few paragraphs were being written, on the teachings most of us never received about our true essence.

“Self-improvement is halted in its tracks when we get a taste of our true essence. All thoughts and actions towards pushing, striving, obsession, dieting, face-lifts, tummy tucks, nose jobs, botox injections, rigid exercise routines, (the list could fill this entire book, so I’ll just stop here!) simply dissolves when held up to the divine mirror of our essence.

When we look deeply into that divine mirror, we see so clearly that we are perfect exactly as we are. Our essence simply cannot be improved upon, ever. All that remains for us to do in light of this incredible discovery is accept not so much who we are, but what we are at the core; what we are behind the mind and all its ego ramblings and projections.

We are love. No improvement required.”

I’ve often wondered throughout my life what the world would look like today if we had all been educated by way of the inner world and had been shown from the beginning, how to see with the eyes of the soul, and listen with the ears of the heart.

We were born with this natural ability, but perhaps a very big part of being here, was forgetting this fact, and then having the choice to remember…

To remember how to see with the soul.

To remember how to listen with the heart.

To remember the perfection of what we are.

When we can learn to drop every, single, external attachment we may have – to our beliefs, concepts, ideas of who we think we are, our relationships, jobs, money, roles – even if we do it just for a moment, it becomes evident that without all the externals, something else remains…something endless and beginning-less.

Discovering that ‘something’ changes ones world…forever.



With love,

Heather xo


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