Beauty & Effortlessness

I am looking out my living room window. I take in the expansive view of the surrounding valley. All the trees are bare, standing like silent sentinels with such beauty & effortlessness – strong and rooted – never wanting to be anywhere else.

There are mini icicle formations along the length of my balcony railing and snow flurries blow by on a gust of December wind.

The sky is a mix of baby blue and powdery white. A red tail hawk soars in wide spirals as I watch in wonder.

An Alchemical Formula

Beauty and effortlessness. This must be the alchemical formula of existence.

I look again out the window. The act of looking itself is sheer beauty and effortlessness. The trees standing bare…beauty and effortlessness, from their lush, summer greenery, to their magnificent autumn display, to their gentle letting go.

The icicles and snow flurries…the December wind…all of it…beauty and effortlessness. The sky, its colours and the hawk’s spiraling movements…all an act of beauty and effortlessness.

More Beauty & Effortlessness

My hand moving across the page as I write…beauty and effortlessness. My breath moving in and out…my heart beating to the rhythm of love…beauty and effortlessness. The coffee, grapes and toast I had for breakfast, now digesting…beauty and effortlessness.

The cyclical nature of the seasons, the movements of the sun, moon, earth and stars…beauty and effortlessness. New life in utero, from embryo to newborn…beauty and effortlessness. The ocean tides moving in and out…waves gently, and sometimes fiercely crashing onto shore…beauty and effortlessness.

Natural or Artificial?

Feels to me like beauty and effortlessness runs the show, and yet there’s this whole other artificial reality that so many have become enslaved to.

I’ve never been able to understand why the endless reel of visuals and programmed ads spewed out through all social media, mainstream news media, the rampant addiction to our smartphones and other communication devices, has more allure and appeal than the purity and peace of our own natural, inner communication system.

beauty & effortlessness

The Attempt to Replicate

It is, in fact, our very own, highly advanced inner technology that the artificial technology has been attempting to replicate…but of course…it cannot. This is what they don’t want us to ever figure out…that we already have the most highly advanced technology within. I mean, can they really make a “knock off” of nature’s intelligence system?

The Brainwash

It’s no secret anymore that there is a very deliberate and negative agenda attached to the things that attempt to enslave human beings and it’s been going on for hundreds of years, right under our noses. It’s just that in today’s world we’ve been literally brainwashed into believing we’re leading successful, sophisticated, intelligent lives. Ha!

Devices Can Enslave Us

If we can’t live without our phones for a few hours, let alone a few days, or not own one at all…then I have some news…we’ve become more deeply enslaved than ever.

Don’t get me wrong, there are some great uses of this technology. I love using my phone and laptop within limits, mostly for creativity, for these posts for example, creating and maintaining the website, taking photos and making videos etc.. After that, it gets put down and turned off.

Effects On Our Youth

The youth of today (not all youth) can’t even do simple math in their heads, let alone work it out on paper. They prefer to text their friends rather than talk to them. They’ve become overweight from too much inertia sitting inside behind their devices or video games. They’ve become socially awkward with the most basic and natural of human abilities…to connect with another person…to use their voice and words and look someone directly in the eye, sharing a genuine, meaningful smile from that interaction…the very thing that is the most beautiful and effortless…or should be.

This is not all their fault. Behind every kid or teenager who holds a device in their hand and has it controlling their susceptible, young mind is an adult who they have modelled after or who didn’t impose healthy limits and guidelines for use.

Losing Our Connection

What is all this telling us?

Now post pandemic, if it hasn’t become crystal clear that losing our connection to our own, natural source of inner intelligence is dangerous and deadly, then I urge you to pay much closer attention…

Especially to the last time you can remember feeling the utter joy of trusting that you had healthy control over your own life because of the rock solid knowing that your own source connection was alive and well and directing your every move and choices in such a way that beauty and effortlessness was a daily occurrence, and that the peace inside of you could never be lost, regardless of any circumstance.

Reclaiming Our Purity

If you feel like you’re lost in the maze of fakery and the artificial, negative agenda that’s attempting to control your life at every turn, then here’s a few things you can do to empower yourself in order of what I’ve experienced as most effective:

  • Daily connection to nature: walk, sit, stand, lay down, breathe in and out. Consciously receive the purity and love of nature’s intelligence into your body.
  • Spend time in deep silence: take at least 5 to 20 minutes or more a day going inward into the pure silence of your own inner being. This is not meditation where you leave your body. Reclaiming your purity can only take place in your body, deeply rooted and present. Sit with total awareness of your body, surroundings, sounds etc…then relax and chill.
  • Cut off all ties to mainstream media as much as possible. This includes radio, magazines and newspapers. Extricate yourself from the negative agenda and all the fear and drama it creates…on purpose…to control you. We are at choice here and we get to decide the kind of frequency we allow into our personal realm.
  • Don’t allow your devices to control you. Use them within limits for a meaningful purpose or project. In between turn it off completely on Airplane Mode. You are in control of your device, not visa versa.
  • Be wary of the “pseudo-spiritual” people, groups, businesses, or organizations out there, those whose action and words may convey a certain message, but the foundation upon which it is built is corrupt, and/or completely fake. The”pseudo-spiritual” may beat the drum of doing good, building new systems aligned with the earth, love, and unity etc..and yet in their private lives they still make everyday choices that would have you question their authenticity. Observe and discern.
  • Leave or do not participate with any person, job, relationship, situation, encounter, invitation, gathering or event that doesn’t resonate with you when you consider making your decision. We are in charge of our life and choices at all times. We do so many things to please others or to be liked. No more. Using empathy, integrity and honesty, we can communicate our needs in such a way that we, and the other person/s are clear about who we are. When we start to trust our own inner intelligence system rather than an artificial external messaging system, beauty and effortlessness flows in.

Let’s Dance Our Way Into 2023

As 2022 makes it way towards the exit door and bows down to all of us who heard the call of nature, simplicity, humility, fierceness, gentleness, vulnerability and conviction, let’s join together now and dance our way into 2023, singing the songs that taste of freedom that we ourselves have written and are writing still, and notice the feeling evermore clearly of the beauty and effortlessness that has always been here, but now we have eyes to see…

With much love,

Heather xo


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