The Soul of Everyday Living


It’s so easy to get lost in the details and dramas of ordinary life.


Of course, they only seem like details and dramas if we are caught up in the whirling “Tazmanian Devil” energy of the mind.


In this chaotic, never happy place, the soul of life is completely unavailable to us.


Soul is what makes us feel richly alive, passionately open, and reverently blessed by our earthly existence, and that is something uniquely individual for each of us.


It’s different than Spirit I think, which connects us to the divine, otherworldly realm of formlessness and the source of All That Is where we all originate from, and where we are all the same ONE energy of I AM.


Spirit is our original Home.


Soul is what we have the potential to feed and express in our earthly experience…because we can…because we have physical bodies and wonderfully alive senses…and because it’s fun.


And yet it, in my experience, living with Soul can only happen through the heart.


The deep richness of the Soul is such an awesome, creative, individual, combined expression of one’s unique pattern of energy spanning lifetimes, and if all of that (or even some of it) can be pulled into this earthly life and expressed through the opened heart, then something magnificent has been added to the mix of all time.


When I was hiking this morning, the absolute still calm of the forest and the chattering squirrels and singing birds, were my experience of Soul.


When I write, Soul is being fed and expressed.


When I buy fresh fruit and pile it high in a handmade pottery bowl, Soul is being fed and expressed.


When I cook and create with food and serve it to others, Soul is being fed and expressed.


When I light an incense at dawn and watch the sunrise, Soul is being fed and expressed.


Last night when my heart ached from the beauty of the sunset, Soul was being fed and expressed.


When I visited a new Portuguese bakery with a friend last week and blissed out while eating one of their homemade pastries, Soul was being fed and expressed.


When I take the time to soak in the tub with an exquisite essential oil, Soul is being fed and expressed.


These are just a few examples of what feeds my Soul, and are vastly different from mindless ego pleasure seeking activities.


How do I know that?


Because in every calling, it’s Love that I feel filling up and spilling over my heart…the Soul’s way of saying thank you.


The meaningful moments that make up a life do not have to be any more compelling, dynamic, or splashy than the simple act of placing flowers on a table or mindfully sipping a morning coffee with a heart full of gratitude…just for the coffee, or the chair I’m sunk into, or the roof over my head, or the fact that all my senses are alive and well in the moment.


We make it all so complicated, when its all so simple.


When I honor Soul, I feel full. I feel nourished. I feel fed from within.


Our lives or selves do not need to be improved or “self-helped” one iota in order to honor, feed, and express our unique Soul.


We don’t need millions of dollars, or a new partner, or a new face-lift.


Soul can be found in even the direst of situations…maybe even especially so.


All we need is a quiet mind resting in the spaciousness of awareness, which in turn creates a surrendered heart, and from that place, and that place only, the Spirit of Heaven and the Soul of Earth can join as One and express itself in the here and now.


With love,

Heather xo

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  1. Svilen

    Thank you Heather. I’ve missed your thoughts. I have a situation at my job and my soul is crying, but I try to let go of old structures as much as I can. And every day when my daughter plays with me my soul is fed and a share is given. It is so nice, easy and simple to be …HUMAN. I felt you again. Thank you.



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