The Purpose of All Creation

How easy it is to get lost in a sea of questions:

“What is my purpose?”
“Why am I here?”
“How may I serve?”
“Who am I?”

While asking these types of questions can certainly lead us to the eternal well-spring of the spiritual nourishment we may be so desperately longing for, it’s good to step back just a bit and observe whether or not we are actually listening for the answer.

Oftentimes, we can just go about our day, or even a lifetime, or several…just asking questions, questions, questions. Filled with the angst of never knowing what our life is really for, we remain in the constant vibe of “seeker.”

It’s good to ask these questions.

And then, to put the mind off duty so to speak, and listen…truly listen.

The answer always, always comes…

But are we listening…with the heart?

The heart of the ears, the heart of the eyes, the heart of the body, the heart of speech, the heart of touch.

In other words, the heart of our senses, without the attachment to them. Simply listening.

Answers can also often come from the heart of nature, or quite beautifully, from the heart of another.

To listen with the heart of all things is to hear God.

And to hear God, is to Love.

I can write these words and I can express what I have come to know about the true nature of our purpose, and why we are here, but none of it will mean anything to anyone unless the experience is had first-hand. It can never come from another, though another can lead you there…to the edge of love.

It’s up to us to dissolve into it.

I can share with you, as I stand in the full authority of my Being, that the purpose of all creation is to love…to express love, to embody love, to give love, to BE love, but the words will mean nothing to the one whose mind is still trying to figure out how to be ‘somebody.’

Sometimes asking these questions can come as a result of the sneaky ego mind wanting an ultimate answer so it can then have some sort of exclusivity and be somebody even more special.

It’s important to be aware of what is wanting to the know the answer to these questions and why.

Is it the heart or the mind?

If the heart is truly asking, and we are truly listening, the answer cannot be withheld from us, because the answer is reflected back to us in the limitless expressions of God in every, single detail of this known Universe.

It’s so important to hear the answer of the Infinite in our everyday life, with our everyday relationships, work, chores, kids, community, etc.

We so often want to think that the answer can only be found in some grand and vast expression of fireworks and sizzle, but the truth is, all of it….all that is our life in this very moment is an expression of the limitless…an expression of love.

Here is why gratitude is such an instant vibration of happiness.

Whatever is before you in this very instant is something to be thankful for.

Love it.

Give whatever is this moment your love.

Be it person, place, or thing; don’t ever stop. Do it again and again, moment after moment.

Give the love that you are.

If you don’t believe that you are the love in your heart, then at least be willing to trust in the mystery that caused it to start beating. It’s the same source.

To express the love that we are is the singular answer we all seek.

It is also our greatest challenge as long as our ego mind resists it…and it will, but love will melt all borders of the mind…all boundaries…

Can you imagine a world full people with minds that are borderless…without boundaries?

Can you imagine a world full of people creating from the heart…from love?

Can you imagine a world full of people expressing the purpose of all creation?

I can.

Won’t you join me?


With love,

Heather xo


  1. Eva

    Beautiful and inspiring.
    Thank you Heather!


    • Heather

      You are most welcome, Eva.
      Thanks for dropping by!


  2. Svilen

    I’ll join you. I can imagine this world and I’m sure it is coming in existence…. We have just to imagine it. Thank you Heather for sharing with us your dreams…


    • Heather

      Thanks, Svilen.
      Whatever we imagine, we create…
      So glad we are imagining this together!

      Many blessings,


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