Pure Essence

As presumptuous as it feels to me to even attempt to use words to express the inexpressible, something is quietly urging me to give it a go.

That “something’ is pure Essence.

The pure Essence of our Being, at least in my experience, is not something that can be expressed through words. In fact, there isn’t even a desire to do so once the mind has joined the heart to become the mere witness of Infinity.

It seems impossible to put words to the truth of who we really are.

Actually, it is impossible.

Not a good thing to happen for a writer. At least that’s what my mind thought at first.

But in these past few months, my still, small voice has been gently whispering to me….

“Keep quiet. Be still. Witness. Do what needs to be done with deep, inner silence. Be happy, humble, and unattached to all that comes unsought. Give up nothing, yet seek nothing either. Suffering is a product of the conditioned mind. Freedom from this illusion is one’s most auspicious purpose for being here.”

If I could describe what it’s like to live and move about in the world now, the closest I could come in words is, peacefully still. Not still in body, but still in mind.

Clear, calm, vast, eternal.

The sun still shines. The moon still waxes and wanes. The seasons still come and go. I still get stuck in traffic. Bills still get paid. Feelings still come and go. Wars still rage on. The birds still sing. Beauty still moves me.

Life goes on. Action still happens.

But without any attachment to the duality. Without the striving, the seeking, the longing.

Instead….a silent sweetness…an unshakable awareness of the essence of the eternal Absolute, and how everything in existence, and I mean every single thing, is that in disguise.

All of life has become an act of devotion to the Divine.

That kind of recognition renders one speechless, yet something has managed to formulate a few words here.

As always, I am humbled.

All the rest is now a sacred game to play, with great reverence, for a little while.


With love,

Heather xo


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