Joy Comes Softly

These days, I’m finding less and less to write about.

Everything seems to boil down to the same thing.

We are here. We exist.

Anything other than that is simply suffering from the attachments, conditioning, concepts, and beliefs our minds have learned.

The good news is we can unlearn this, or rather the undivided attention we give to this suffering mind can be pointed elsewhere, like to the heart of awareness, to what is here right now.

When we learn to be pointed like this, back to our original place, back to what it is we really are at the ground or core of our Being, we begin to discover much inner spaciousness…much inner silence.

Here we can bask in the peace and calm contentment of simply knowing, “I am here. I exist.” At first we may only experience moments of this joy that comes softly; like a gentle ocean wave as it kisses the sand.

And just like the wave, we point ourselves back home again, in and out, in and out, in and out, back to where we kiss the Beloved, over and over and over again.

Eventually, kissing the Beloved, reaching for the Beloved, becomes kind of automatic, but at first there is much resistance, drama, and righteous indignation from the ego mind.

I think having a human existence in this body pretty much guarantees we are going to experience the ebb and flow of the waves of life, but I also think our ultimate purpose is to discover how to not suffer the ebb and flow, the continual duality of being human.

The joy that comes ever so softly and eventually for longer stretches, is that which comes from discovering our true nature.

Will the existence of your true nature still be here after your body is dead and gone?

This is the question or discovery, that is our purpose to find out while we are here, and then to live the answer.


With love,

Heather xo


  1. Priya

    Our true nature, our true identity is like the ocean and the waves.

    The wave thinks it has a separate identity and is therefore afraid of dying, and likes to cling to its little “i”… yet the source of every wave is the infinite ocean.

    Nothing is ever born or dies as a separate something, only a temporary appearance realizes that its source was always right here, right now, in the very midst of every thought, emotion, experience and sensation.

    In complete relaxation in the midst of every experience, the experience and the experiencer are found to be ONE and the SAME pure, beneficial energy…WOW !!!

    • Heather

      Great comment, Priya.
      So glad you stopped by.

      Warmly, Heather


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