Genuine Connection Offers Encouragement

Encouragement is not the same as a personal viewpoint or emotional support.  Rather, it’s an opportunity to create a real sense of genuine, supportive connection, one that offers encouragement, and points primarily to the importance of embodying one’s true inner nature in the midst of a world right now, that would have us do anything but. 


Connecting with another who is following, from within, what feels right and natural for them,  can often help you to feel a deep sense of relief and support, where you can then decide for yourself how you wish to live, work and create in your life, based on what feels right and natural to YOU.  Offered entirely on an appreciation basis.


By Contribution

Encouragement Via On Line Chat

There are many good uses of technology these days, and this is one of them. When we connect, I act as a grounded, respectful sounding board for whatever is emerging through you in the moment.  Deep listening is a profound form of transformation when the listener has no agenda.

Together, we do a little dance of discovery of what’s feeling good in your body and being, and what’s not, as you maneuver through a world that is rapidly changing and evolving.

With a deep focus on letting go of all that’s no longer serving you, and how to stay rooted and centered during these transitional times, these sessions can be encouraging, calming encounters that point the compass home to your own true nature. 

Give as you please, based on appreciation, one of the following CAD amounts:

 $55   $40   $25

(30 mins approx)