Written Upon Your Heart

Written upon the heart of every human being is the exquisite grace and power to Love.

Deaf, blind, mute, sick, healthy, rich, poor, black, white, young, old, male, female, friend, enemy…none of this changes our fundamental commonness.

We have all been gifted with a beating heart, within which lies the common capacity and ability to Love.

No directions to follow.

Nothing to understand.

It is already written, embedded, and encoded within us.

Love is.

It’s an inborn, natural instinct.

It may feel as though Life has hardened our ability to love freely and fully at times, and it may be true that life has thrown us many tough lessons which have caused us to retract and self protect, but to remain in that contracted energy has always been a choice.

Remember…our natural instinct is to love.

To recognize and unify in our common humanity by bringing everything back to this fundamental way of being, is to free ourselves.

To bless even our enemies, even the dictators and leaders of oppression, is to rise above and to recognize the power we hold within our hearts to affect great change.

They too, have a beating heart, though they may have forgotten it’s original capacity to love.

They need to be blessed.

How about the next time we pass a stranger on the street, we silently bless them as a member of our world family?

It’s no different than what any two cells in our own body would do in an automatic, natural act of mutual love and cooperation for the greater good of the whole.

“Holy is the sound of your own heart beating, the sun as it warms your face, the tears of a broken heart, a warm hand to hold, a meal prepared and shared with love, a smile stretched from ear to ear. Do not search endlessly for more meaning to your life than this…than offering a blessing to a stranger or even to one who you feel does not deserve it. Always wish others well. Do not fall into despair that you have failed in any way. Life is so very precious and simple when you can peel it back to love.”


With love,

Heather xo


  1. Sage

    Hi Mom.
    This was a very profoundly moving piece of writing!:)
    I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sage 🙂

    • Heather

      Thank you, Sweetheart. You are so deeply written upon my heart. I love you always. Mom xo

  2. Slim

    Nice Piece.

    never born
    before the womb
    existing eternally
    after the tomb
    eye traveled between the space of sound
    to a spiritual void
    no time
    no space
    the space beyond space
    eternal blackness
    yes eye
    vividly remember
    the space between the inhale and the exhale

    Love & Light 2 YOU!

    • Heather

      Thank you,Slim for taking the time to write your beautiful, poetic comment.

      Love & Light to you as well.

      Blessings, Heather


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