Creativity is primal. It’s pure nature in motion.  It’s love made manifest. It grows in the dark. Whether it’s writing, music, dance, painting, design, or any other form of artistic expression, it pours forth from our original ground of being, unadulterated by external forces. Like a fetus growing in a warm, dark womb, or a garden in deep sleep for the winter, where quiet, invisible happenings are taking place below the surface, or like a beautiful chrysalis, the mysterious liquifying incubation chamber of the caterpillar who will emerge from the darkness utterly transformed, one thing is for certain…to create is an expression of life itself.


And yet our creativity can at times feel far away and non accessible, due mostly in part, to those times where life may have had something else in store for us, or from donning the many fake masks of social conditioning that had us become someone else, driving our creativity deep underground until we could no longer hide or pretend to be who we were not. Perhaps the latter produces even more rich and fertile ground because it’s had a longer time to lay fallow.  

Everything I write and create on this site is a gift and is a genuine expression of the love and fulfillment I deeply feel from, and for, nature itself.  This then weaves a continual ribbon of beauty, joy and freedom throughout the collective.  Appreciation, in and of itself, can inspire you, too, in creating a new way of living and livelihood directly linked to following your true nature, showing you that another way of living and creating outside of the current enslaved system is possible. 

Giving is up to you if you feel moved to give a gift of support. What feels good to you?

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We’ve been so brainwashed, so corrupted into believing that the meaning of our lives can only be fashioned in a logical, linear way.

It’s become crystal clear that losing our connection to our own natural source of inner intelligence is now dangerous and deadly. 

Beauty’s way is a far cry from rushing, scheduling or cramming an infinite soul into a suffocating box of rules or rote repetition.

Grace isn’t something that we can create, order, or force. It arrives unexpectedly when we need it most.

What matters is our connection to nature’s intelligence system which holds our original freedom.

The new frequencies have awakened within us a bullshit detector of such magnitude that people are simply unable to sit back any longer.

Love will prevail regardless of what’s unfolding that doesn’t look that way, and anything that doesn’t line up with love will dismantle.

We all want the kind of life that doesn’t feel like we’ve prostituted our soul.

The world needs our mastery, creative gifts and expression of that which we’ve been so desperately homesick for…ourselves.

The guardianship of each other and the planet is all that matters.

Begin to question everything that doesn’t feel like freedom.

It’s okay to not know the answers, but to simply ask the questions.

Make space for that which is beyond opposites..the silent, sacred centre.

It’s what we’ve had to endure that makes us gentle.

If it’s not about love, beauty, creativity, communion, or the downright sheer miraculousness of life, then what the hell are we doing every day?

Beauty has the power to both shake us up, and wake us up.

Denying our gifts in the name of survival is like committing slow suicide.

We can never be separate from the absolute goodness of existence.

In the deepest sense of what creativity means, our life becomes our art.

Hush..and listen for the peace.

My love and your love are one and the same.

Maintain the dignity of your centre.

Patriarchal domination is coming to an end.

We are literally liquefying and dissolving, so we can transform into a more refined and exquisite human.

 Nothing can end you.

Our motivation and inspirtation for creative expression must be pure, and free from seeking reward or recognition.

Get down on your knees and give thanks to that which has been speaking to you since forever.

Make sure you’re not living someone else’s version of your life.

Remain mindful that your frequency stays grounded in genuine care and compassion, rather than overwhelm and care taking.

There is only ONE of us, and it’s ALL of us.

When we give up the desperate need to be governed by external influences, then a change is gonna come..

True grace is felt when we let go.

Creativity thrives on inner spaciousness.

All of life unfolds in its own sweet time.

When we’re broken open or broken down, we can expand into our full range of creativity.

Feed the art inside you.

We all have a common ache for grace to enter our lives.

Writing is one way to make sense of the often staggering pain of being mortal.

There’s a kind of madness that comes from being a human instrument for the Creator to move through.

Artists can be like walking zombies.  Full to the brim of creative genius, but often paralyzed by our erroneous imperfections.

The very life force of existence itself is just waiting for us to take that first, single step towards our mastery.

There’s no greater cause of entropy than stagnation of body and mind.

There is something reverent about the dawn.

The flavor of writing close to the bone is not vanilla.

When we begin to comprehend the true meaning of love, we will give up the drama of our current existence.

Ignoring our creative self equals loss of joy.

Be like unaffected observer, rather than an angry defier.

Feel beneath the external to that which never changes.

Having the wisdom to love our children and let go in every moment can be a mother’s greatest pilgrimage.

Life is is life.

Express rather than implode. Shine rather than hide. Be the poet. Be the lover. Be the liquid light of love.

Life is a miracle. We either live it as such or we don’t, regardless of circumstance.  That’s called freedom.

Love reveals itself in everything when we live from that place of quiet stillness.

We create our own joy.

If we truly want freedom, we have to be willing to let go of certain paradigms of belief, mainly that we can’t think for ourselves.

We’ve all danced intimately with pain and sorrow.  We know that dance well.

We receive what we’re committed to.

Will the existence of your true nature remain after your body is dead and gone?  Think about it..

Our projections and beliefs condition our experience of everything.

Move your energy out of the past or future and into the space of right now.

We are love.  No improvement required.

Is there even a difference between experiencing beauty and experiencing plenty?

The universal winds of change are primal, natural, and often painful as hell.

Gift yourself with majesty.

Small acts.  Big love.

What dances in your heart?

Following your joy raises your frequency.

When we put our fears to rest, grace will dance with us.

We either grow or stagnate.

We tend to forget that life itself is art.

The road is always paved with beauty if we look for it.

Our earthly incarnation is not about deprivation or renunciation.

The heart’s capacity to love is as vast and endless as eternity.

In order to claim our freedom, we must die while still living.

Mother nature knows exactly what she’s doing.  Listen..

Be led by the invisible.

We all yearn to live a deeply meaningful life.

We don’t need to be improved or ‘self-helped’ one iota.

The ego is addicted to suffering.

Live a dignified, beautiful life.

Love has no opposite.

The human heart in its natural state is tender, vulnerable, and raw.

Nature never takes.  It only gives, and what it gives is pure love.

Give up everything that is not part of your original self..just for a moment.

In our joy, we are praising existence.

It takes an incredible amount of energy and movement of the mind to keep on missing the gift.

The changeless is who we are.

Life is precious and simple when you can peel it back to love.

There is so much beauty to behold.

No longer identify with limitation by fusing it with your sense of self.

There’s a silent sweetness that runs through all of existence.

Nature shows us how to be, how to flow, and how to trust.

Humanity is deeply ensconced in the process of unraveling back to love.

It takes much courage to walk the road of freedom.

                         We are nothing but dust in the wind.