When Angels Fingerpaint

When Angels FingerpaintI recently re-published a book of poetry that was originally released back in 1997 called When Angels Fingerpaint.

It was such a joy to re-visit these words, having to re-type each one, as the original computer and files were long gone.

What was reinforced as I typed each word again, is that our original being…the soul…our authentic awareness, remains with us always…eternally expanding in concentric waves of divine intelligence and consciousness.

The voice that spilled those words onto the pages has been alive since forever, even though more than seventeen earth years have passed since I wrote them.

It’s staggering and humbling to realize “I” have been around always, and so have you.

It’s joyous and freeing to know that “I” can never be altered or benefited in any way, and neither can you.

It’s breathtaking and mind-boggling to discover that “I” am actually witnessing all of eternity…past, present and future, and always have been, and always will be, and so are you.

Holy Oneness…

The angels are truly applauding! A standing ovation…as “I” bow gracefully and humbly on this earth stage to my ethereal friends.

As much as I wanted to realize experientially what I was writing back then, the truth is, I was simply the vehicle through which the words came.

It’s always been this way when I write.

The words and the writing go out before me, laying down a soft, petal strewn path of wisdom for me to tread upon.

Sometimes I have chosen it. More often than not, I’ve gotten lost along the way.

Certainly, the past seventeen years have been a winding, twisting road, but as Dejan Stojanovic, author of The Creator, so truthfully writes, “When within yourself you find the road, the right road will open.”

These days though, through the continuing passage of starlit eons, something is becoming clearer through the veils of illusion, more certain in the uncertainty, more known in the not knowing, more solid in the fluidity, more everything in the nothingness. What it is I cannot say exactly, except it feels a lot like a silent sort of peace no matter what is going on.

Perhaps it’s true, that when the angels come calling to fingerpaint across our hearts, that they are doing so out of the sheer joy and lightness of being they so want us to experience while we are here on this earth.


With love,

Heather xo


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