What The Soul Sees

I have said this many times before, I know, but I am blessed to live in a place where the daily view from ‘my balcony in the sky’ is expansive, vast, and stunningly beautiful. It also faces west, so I am doubly blessed with incredible sunsets that tend to render the mind instantly silent.

what the soul sees

I spend as much time as I can out there in the evenings, watching the sun go down, viewing the deer grazing peacefully below, listening to the creek full from the rain as it gushes over rocks and fallen tree limbs, hearing the crickets chirping in the tall grass, and later, usually with a soothing tea held in cupped hands, I’ll be gazing at the infinite night sky, hoping for a shooting star or two.

Focusing on these things is no accident. It’s what my soul longs for.

It’s a choice. A choice for peace, tranquility, nature, and beauty.

What our soul longs for contributes to the soul of the world.

It may seem like a small thing, but small things affect big change. It’s the whole ‘be the change’ thing…and Gandhi knew a thing or two about that.

Where I live is not perfect. Not by a long-shot. And yet it is. It’s all a matter of perspective if you were to compare it to a ghetto for example.

My soul feels a great restriction though, for it also longs for a dwelling on the ground, with a much bigger kitchen where I can feed more than two people, some land to call my own to bless, care for, and hike upon; and a garden, to plant all the love I have within, and to live a more self-sufficient lifestyle.

There’s nothing wrong with having our soul desires. The soul knows what we want and the more in harmony we become with our soul, the more expansive we become, including our thoughts and abilities to create what we want.

The apartment I live in is situated on 1200 hectares of urban wilderness, hence the view, with miles and miles of hiking and biking trails, which I walk on and bless daily. I have a small garden as part of a larger community garden in town, and I create whatever scrumptious delights I can in my small kitchen for my daughter and I.

So you see, I am a human still learning to expand into the harmony of all the soul desires. I have somehow created a mini-version of exactly what I want, but there is still some constriction here and there…a few more kinks to unwind, a bit more ‘harmonizing with all that is’ along the curves in the road, hopefully maneuvering with some semblance of grace and poise…or not, like the image in the photo….a little off-center, but spiraling towards the Absolute on a road that’s always paved with beauty if we look for it.

what the soul sees

PS: I took this photo last evening. One moment I was peacefully lounging in a chair watching the sun go down, and the next I was looking at it through the spiral on the plant stand with camera in hand. What was it that made me jump up, get the camera, and take the shot? There was no conscious thought involved. I had absolutely no idea I was going to take that photo seconds before I took it. What the soul sees – with all its beauty, originality, and creativity – is revealed to us when we can look upon this earth-walk through the eyes of love.


With love,

Heather xo


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