What Remains

Early morning unfolds.

The sun rises, a crow caws, a breeze moves, a seagull soars, a deer grazes, the heart beats, the lungs breathe, the body stretches, coffee steams, tongue tastes, cat purrs.

Love Is.

The greatest blessing of being alive, is being awareness itself, and noticing the infinite abundance and beauty of life.

The truth is, there is no such thing as lack.

Only the personal, psychological, hypnotized mind believes in lack.

Beingness knows nothing about it.

Experiencing a true state of abundance has nothing to do with success, money, or material things.

These are impermanent and limited and are simply a result of believing in, and our attachments to, an individual, personal, separate existence.

Abundance has everything to do with consciousness, and knowing we are that.

In this original, authentic state of Being, we move through life entirely aware that we are connected to everything, feeling infinite, expanded, inclusive, and eternal.

Humanity is deeply ensconced in the process of unraveling back to our original state…back to the ground of Being.

This is the sacred foundation of a new, emerging world.

And it begins by consistently putting our attention on that which never changes, on that which still remains after eons of civilizations, worlds, and species have come and gone.

What is it that still remains?

Is it so difficult to believe that there is something benevolent, intelligent, invisible, and immutable in which all of physical life and experience plays out?

What is this something, without which, physical existence could not be?

Is it a divine mirror, that we, as a humanity keep looking away from instead of into?

It’s good to trust the wisdom of whatever is unfolding for us in this regard.

It’s helping us to realize the answer inside our hearts.

It’s good to trust that this mystery knows what it is doing, and simply let go to it.

When we do, we will find peace there, and the true meaning of gratitude and abundance.

With love,

Heather xo

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  1. Svilen

    Wow….I’m in Europe for 2 months, presently in Turkey. (at the sea coast) Your article is so ON in everything I felt today during my early walking at the coast…. Just wow…

    I can not only see the abundance, I can touch it… It is everywhere…. And the message is spread by little animals or water ot just rocks and sand…. I can feel it everywhere…

    Thank you so much, Heather!

    Greetings from Turkey.



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