What Dreams May Come


Spring is on the way.


With seemingly everything else falling away from life as we have known it, there is a deep and gratifying sense of relief within me, that I can still sense and feel the stirring of new life emerging after a long, cold, dark winter here in the Northern Hemisphere.


If I am to yield completely, and put my faith and trust in something, then it is with our benevolent Mother Earth, who knows exactly what she is doing.


For now, Spring still comes. Ice melts, streams overflow, birds sing, buds form, and longer stays of precious light grace us with her presence.


There is an absolute, unfailing, underlying rhythm and flow to the cycles and seasons. And, there is also an absolute, unfailing, underlying rhythm and flow to the intelligence of our Great Mother.


If she decides to have Spring arrive early, to have winters be warmer, or summers cooler, or switch up everything so it’s all in reverse, or melt ice caps, or have the poles shift, or birds drop dead from the sky, or have honey bees disappear, or cause earthquakes, floods, or any other natural disasters — then so be it.


She is no different than our own beloved bodies that are constantly shifting, changing, purging, and purifying in an effort to maintain balance and harmony. It automatically and naturally does whatever it can to create a healthy, balanced environment, as long as we can get out of the way and let it do so.


When we start thinking we know more than our body, that we can over-manage and control the divine intelligence operating it in the same way we feel we have to over-manage and control or daily lives, then we get ourselves into big trouble.


When we act in this foolish way, our body naturally listens and responds. It says, “Oh, so you want your body to work YOUR way… YOU want to take over and run the show. Well, OK…it’s all yours.”


Once the flow of divine intelligence is blocked, the natural flow of unity and harmony among our cells is disrupted causing them to fight with each other and create separation. Now we have an internal war going on inside that creates blockades, boundaries, solid walls. Now we have stagnation because we think we are smarter than All That Is.


Our Great Mother is no different, and she will continue to separate and divide landmasses, cause poles to shift, oceans to rise, and lands to flood, all out of her automatic and natural intelligence to create harmony and balance.


One of these days, hopefully sooner than later, we the people are going to “get” that there is no separation between the source of intelligence that created the entire Universe, and that which created us.


It’s all One.


My body. The earth’s body. My separation. The earth’s separation. My disease. The earth’s disease. My joy. The earth’s joy.


Unfortunately or fortunately, (time will tell) we humans get to choose how we use this incredible source of divine intelligence. We humans have something called Free Will. We are free to look into the mirror of God’s Grace, to gaze into the exquisitely beautiful face of our Mother Earth and see our Beloved Self reflected back to us.


Or, we are free to take this precious gift of life we have been given on this beautiful, blue planet – rich and alive and full of enough natural resources and abundance of all good and nourishing things for every kind of life upon her -and ignorantly imbalance her with our need for power, the need to feel superior, the need to amass great control, the need to look out for numero uno – on and on it goes…blah, blah, blah.


We, the people, are one day going to “get” that if we want to live lives of peace, harmony, unity, and freedom – then we are going to have to choose it for ourselves first, (which in turn frees our fellow man) instead of banging on and on about all the ways the world is in trouble, and how afraid we are that it’s all going to disappear.


How about the next time we are out for a walk, we let our hearts expand with love and appreciation for the very ground that is supporting us?


How about the next time we pass a stranger on the street, we silently bless them as a member of our world family?


It’s no different than what any two cells in our own body would do in an automatic, natural act of mutual love and cooperation for the greater good of the whole.


How about turning off all the bullshit, sensational, mainstream, brainwashing media, and turning “on” within. How about doing that especially for our kids?


How about unplugging ourselves from anything that does not feel like the energy of inner peace, harmony, unity, naturalness, or beauty?


How about saying, “Yes!” to the Grace of God that we are?


How about taking that priceless gift of Free Will and using it to love all our separate, warring parts back into our natural state of Oneness? Yes…oh yes…let’s all of us at least do that much.


We’ve all been so lost for so long, so brainwashed, so hypnotized, so controlled by a conditioned belief system, a program if you will, of survival and mediocrity that is no longer working in our awakening beings.


Spring is stirring up an inner revolution…


We’re done with the countless lifetimes of experimenting in fear and separation.


We’re waking up…one person, one choice for love and unity at a time.


This is what we came for.


Oh, what dreams may come of this new world…?


With love,

Heather xo


  1. Svilen

    Hi Heather,

    I felt the same energy from Mother Earth and I had the same thoughts about the hot weather in Canada this spring. Today I asked a very old man, do you remember such a hot spring March in Quebec? He replied NO. And I figured it out that Mother Earth must have something in mind.

    Blessings to every soul and being everywhere in the Universe. We are One..
    It is music, sounds, and light reading your words…you are so right.


    • Heather

      Thank you, Svilen, as always, for sharing your comments and blessings. I send many warm and beautiful blessings in return, to you and your family.


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