Unalterable Peace


So many people are wondering whether it’s possible to find peace these days, when every newspaper, TV news channel, internet media etc, is crammed full of the latest horror stories.


Even if you are one who avoids all media, your chatty neighbour or co-worker will ask if you’ve heard about…blah …blah…blah.


Even if you have no neighbours and do not work with other people, you’ll somehow overhear a conversation about the latest catastrophe as you are out and about.


There’s just no getting away from it.


And there goes your peace….


But only if your idea of peace had been based on life having to be a certain way.


True and lasting peace can only be realized when you know that you are true and lasting peace already.


Eternal peace is what you already are.


But you can’t know this about yourself as long as you identify so strongly with the body/mind/me/personality.


Imagine if you could give all that up for just a moment. ..give up everything that is not part of your original self.


Imagine the body/mind/me/personality and everything connected with it, (including thoughts, feelings, emotions, preferences, senses, family, friends, jobs, money, stuff, problems), simply disappearing for a moment, or rather, your attachments to all this disappearing.


What if none of those attachments existed?


What if your identity wasn’t tied to any of it?


Would you still be you?


Would you panic?


Would you feel terrified?


Would you feel relief?


Would you be a more authentic you? Perhaps the you you were before the mass hypnosis began?


What would remain after such a let go?


What if you placed your focus on only what remained for just a moment?


What would you discover I wonder?


Perhaps eternal stillness?


Eternal silence?


Eternal peace?


The more we can learn to put our attention and focus on what has always been there within, the more our strong identification and attachments seem to fall away naturally, albeit, some of them want to put up a good fight.


Eventually, we somehow make the discovery that what we are was always there all along, but we were blinded by thinking we were something else – ie: a person with a body/mind, when the truth is, we are pure awareness simply clothed in a body.


Asking the question, “Who am I?” could really be “What am I?” as that would be more in alignment with the truth – at least from my humble perspective thus far.


Pure awareness is not a ‘who.’ It only appears to be a ‘who’ when it takes on the disguise of a person with a body and a personality etc.


When we make this subtle shift from ‘who’ to ‘what’, nothing can ever be the same again, although life on the outside may carry on as usual. If anything more is meant to happen or change, it will.


It’s this shift on the inside that becomes our amazing grace, when the mind melts into the heart and finds its true home there.


Herein lies a perfect peace, which not a single external happening or event can alter…ever.


And yet, unalterable peace can alter everything.


The power to change our inner world is within us all.


To become an instrument of peace, is to change the world.


It has always been so. This is not something new.


It’s an ancient, timeless truth.


With love,

Heather xo


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