Two Words For The Inexpressible


As this year draws to an end, I wish to utter to the Divine the only two words that come to mind when one is attempting to express the inexpressible.


“Thank You.”  Two Words For The Inexpressible


As I write this, the sun is breaking through the clouds casting streams of golden light across grass that is still surprisingly emerald green and trees that are naked and dancing in the wind. A flock of geese fly by at eye level, (I live on the 12th floor) and yesterday I sat in child like wonder as I watched a red-tail hawk circle infront of my window delivering his sacred message of effortless joy.


I marvel at the fact that I get to witness and partake of this majesty called Life, that I notice Life, and am always humbled by it these days.


I have made the intention already to walk in the opposite direction of the fearful masses where 2012 is concerned, and have anchored in the desire to experience 2012 as the year of Joy, for it is none other than a choice.


Having set this intention already, I have begun to feel it’s effect, for beyond all fear, without exception, Joy awaits.


How do I know this?


Because for me, this past year was an intensification of fear on so many levels, and what it has taught me, is that the only way to banish fear is to love and embrace it.


In this intensified process of learning how to do this, the welling up of long forgotten buried Joy, is what has so naturally begun to fill me up.


And the still, small voice said,


“You will not have noticed any dramatic change on the outside. Not yet. But on the inside….ooooh…on the inside….dark and solid walls have disintegrated. The once immovable ego pride has collapsed and dissolved into Beauty…a beauty so stunning, so brilliant, so astonishingly radiant that it is an impossibility to hold it back. This has nothing to do with anything external, but everything to do with claiming that inner Divinity from which you first emerged, and unleashing it, full force, by letting your Light shine…by letting go of all resistance…by letting Life flow…by letting Love in…by letting Beauty dance with you…by letting this moment be all there is…by letting Wonder fill you up…by letting Mystery be your guide…by letting the Magical back in…by letting Joy run your life…by letting “Thank You” be your prayer…by remembering who you are.”


Wherever you are in the world reading these words, whatever your circumstances, I wish to convey to you with the most humbled, gentle, tenderness that I possibly can – that my Love and your Love are One and the same, and that in that place of Unified Love, there really are no words…so instead of saying Merry Christmas, or Happy Holidays, or Season’s Greetings, I will simply vibrate a silent, heartfelt “Thank You” for the Love that we all share and are.


With love,

Heather (Dec 2011)


  1. Bev

    A wonderfully ‘joyous’ heart filled message from you. May I say ‘Thank-You’ right back ! May you & your family have a most happy & blessed holiday ! I do believe 2011 has been a year of transitions & decisions in setting up & making way for the real transformations that will make their way to ‘All’ in 2012… may our Hearts shine brightly & continue in strength, our choice to sing in harmony with the celebration of Light & Love for Mother-Earth & the sacred energy that will heal her & make her whole once more ! Best Regards to you Heather…& a gentle nudge to keep blogging… Light always finds it way through the darkness, but often it just takes time & persistence!

    Be well,

  2. Astrid

    “Thank you” Heather!
    This Winter Solstice time I add Joy to my list of intentions for the New Year….

    Wishing you peace,love,joy, Astrid

  3. Ashok

    Thank you Heather for being what you are. May God fill you and your daughter’s life with love, joy and laughter. And that you may spread His love in all hearts.

    Mumbai, India


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