The Wisdom of Winter’s Hush

I went hiking today along a wintry forest trail. It was uneven and slippery from the hard, icy indents of other footsteps now frozen in time.

Nature’s Calm

When I venture outside into nature, I do so because it instantly relaxes me and I always marvel at how fast the fresh air, natural beauty, and purity of birdsong fills me with a joyful expansion of calm.

It doesn’t always happen that way however. In the winter time, hiking becomes more of a survival thing from having to navigate the icy terrain, deep snow, and sometimes, the frostbite worthy north wind and temperatures…like today.

Losing It

I find myself getting annoyed that my natural medicine (being outside and moving my body in nature) doesn’t always work…at least not in the way my controlling mind wants it to in this moment.

I notice how I begin convincing myself that at least I’m outside, that the fresh air is helpful, that my body is getting some movement and exercise. And yes, of course these are good things, but where is the inner calm? Where is that deep stillness of mind I usually experience when I’m not fighting the elements?

Winter Speaks

Just asking the questions as I trudge along, ever mindful of each step to avoid a mishap, I suddenly get the feeling that winter herself is speaking to me. It’s more like a feeling in my body, like a language I can decipher and interpret, whispering to me about hushing…breathing deeply…pausing a bit more, so I can notice the feather-like frost hanging from the frozen tree branches, or the way the wind is blowing the powdery, soft snow from the pine boughs in a shower of pure delight, dusting my face as I walk on by.

The Perfection of Creation

Before I know it, I’m deep into feeling the pure nature of winter, in myself as well, noticing that the external season is also reflecting my internal one, and hearing the message that the challenges and dormancy of the season, whether inner or outer, is simply the perfection of creation, something to enjoy, rest into, and have patience with, because the outcome always brings with it new life, more aliveness, and renewed joy.

Humbled & Grateful

As I head back home, I’m feeling humbled and grateful for winter’s wisdom. I reflect upon how similar the collective shrinking of our lives from the so called pandemic feels much like an over extended two year period of dormancy, an extra long, cold winter season, a deep hush that has kept us close to home, and I ponder that perhaps, to everything…like the 1965 song by the Byrds says, there is a season…

A Needed Season For All

From this new found place of deeper clarity, I have an absolute knowing that all that feels cold, dark, limited and dormant in the collective at the moment, as we continue to move through the winter season of the entire planet – is a cycle, or an extended hibernation if you will, which has been as necessary and needed to help us remember and align with the love that we are, as the very air we breathe.

Love was always going to win, and anything that doesn’t line up with that will dismantle.

The Spring of a new Existence is already here…

With much love,

Heather xo


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