The Pulse of Pure Awareness

the pulse of pure awarenessIt’s a sunny afternoon as I look out my window and write. The red-winged blackbirds have returned after the coldest winter I can ever remember. Their song does wonders at warming the heart.

On the eve of the Spring Equinox, I am feeling the anticipation of a larger than usual rebirth or renewal.

Life has definitely taken on a new vibe over the winter. Things seem easier, looser, more flowing, more inclusive, less defined, less fearful, more accepting, less struggle, less attachment, more clarity, more feeling.

Is anyone else having this experience I wonder?

And all of this, despite the record cold temperatures of a very long winter here in Ontario, Canada. Perhaps all that ice, snow, and frosty air forced me so deeply inward that some natural organic re-birthing process took place. Who knows? I feel different, though.

Working on new creative projects has reminded me of the importance of learning new things in order to keep growing and stretching. There’s no greater cause of entropy than stagnation of mind and body, and if anything, this winter, while cold and harsh, has taught me to keep moving despite the outward conditions.

the pulse of pure awarenessWith the sun on its way down beyond the trees and the promise of the Spring Equinox arrival in the morning, my heart feels a certain, solid peace, the kind that comes from knowing that this life is truly a gift and such a temporary sojourn in the bigger scheme of things. It behooves us to transcend the dramas and mindless ego rantings of ourselves and others and simply feel the pulse of pure awareness – the joy of watching the sunset or hearing the red-winged blackbirds sing – while at the same time, remaining unattached to it all.

May this Spring awaken the sleeping giant of your wildest dreams and beckon them forward into the light.


With love,

Heather xo


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