The Hidden Gift

Award winning Canadian Ojibway author, Richard Wagamese, tells a wonderful tale in his book, For Joshua, about the the arrival of man upon Mother Earth.

He talks about the Creator gathering together all the Animal People and speaking these words:

“I am sending a strange new creature to live among you. This creature will not be like you in any way. In fact, it will be unlike you and will actually fear you. These strange creatures will walk on two legs, will have no hair on their bodies, will speak a language you won’t understand, and will grow up believing that they must control Mother Earth.”

“These creatures will arrive with the ability to dream. They will use this talent to create many things, things that will serve their belief in control but will also separate them from you. The further they move from you the more they will need you. The reason I called you here today was to ask you to help these strange new creatures. No one knows the world like you and they are going to need your advice and experience if they are to survive. You are to be their teachers.”

“What I ask is very important because I also want to send these new creatures out into the world with a wonderful gift. I will give them the gift of Truth and Life. I want this gift to be a search, because if I were to give it to Man openly he would take it for granted and not make use of it. So I am going to hide it. For that I need your help. I need you to tell me where to hide this gift.”

the hidden gifft

This charming tale goes on to tell the story of all the ideas the Animal People came up with, and after much discussion and sharing of many creative suggestions, it is the tiny mole who rarely spoke that said, “Hide it where he is least likely to look. Put it inside him. Only the most insightful and purest of heart will have the courage to look there.”

I love this tale because it does take courage, an immense amount of courage, to change direction when all the trappings and things you were promised to make you happy failed to do so.

So much of our life is spent seeking, searching, looking for something, and all of that search is “out there” somewhere. It takes an incredible amount of energy and constant movement of the mind to keep on keeping on, to keep treading the treadmill, to keep spinning the wheels, to keep missing the gift.

Truth and Life.

We’ll never find it on the outside.

It’s a gift of the heart.

It’s a gift of deep silence.

It’s a gift of utter stillness.

It’s a gift of reverence and humility.

And pure Grace is the only thing that will open it.


With love,

Heather xo


  1. Steve

    Dearest Heather,

    Once again you touch me deeply with your words! I am honored! Not only by the beautiful story, but, by the understanding you possess that drew you to it!

    May the sunshine of eternal bliss shine forever on your heart!

    In Truth, Simplicity, and Love

  2. Sharon

    Very beautiful! Thank you Heather!

  3. Silvia Gmeiner

    About my donation to you – I am giving my appreciation for all the wonderful sacred writings from you I have been reading so far. So, I ask you to receive my cherishing and thank you so much for your sharing.


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