The Hearts Of The People On Fire

Starlit sky. Deep hush. Beating heart. Cat purring. Love flowing. Tears falling. Nature instructing. Earth spinning.

Hearts on fire. People outraged. Governments lying. Liberties stolen. Rights revoked. Authorities violent. Freedoms denied.

The Divine Comedy unfolds.

All the world’s a stage, but what upholds the world…and the stage…and even the play?

As long as we’re paying attention to the contrast, we’re missing the source from which everything and nothing emerges.

Silence. Stillness. Spaciousness.

When we can let go of the play, and the stage, and even the world and all of its contrasts, from the beautiful to the profane, what’s left?

Silence… stillness…spaciousness…

It’s from this place that all movement and materialization happens.

Isn’t it interesting to see how much of humanity was literally forced into a place of more stillness, silence and spaciousness with many not able to work, not able to move around, travel, socialize etc…

When we get quiet like that, we get in touch with what’s pure, true, loving, benevolent, compassionate and aligned according to the laws of nature and the universe.

We can also sense and feel when we’re being lied to, manipulated, coerced and oppressed.

The past two years of stillness, more focus within, coupled with the evolutionary trajectory of the Earth’s expansion into higher and finer frequencies of light, which are supporting and enabling us to become all of our multi-dimensional selves and rapidly transform, has basically awakened within us a bullshit detector of such magnitude, along with with a no-fail rate of such accuracy, that people all over the world are simply and unequivocally unable to sit back any longer and ignore the deception and tyrannical infringement of their rights and freedom, as the truth of who they are awakens and spreads like wildfire.

The purity of stillness, silence, and spaciousness reveals to all, who and what we are, and who and what we are not.

It’s clear that masses of people are waking up to the fact that their inherent freedom as determined by nature, which we are a part of, our inherent birth right to act, speak, think, choose and live as free beings, is being nefariously determined by a system not aligned with nature one iota, and is in fact, the very system that is also destroying nature acre by acre, animal by animal and now, person by person in the name of money, power, and control. .

This uprising in consciousness and the physical uprising of we, the people, living in a world controlled by the ruling elite, is as completely a natural movement of energy as the rising and setting of the sun…a movement which has been entirely generated by nature’s order.

None of this is accidental. The time has come…a cosmic collaboration of planets, stars, earth and her people in support of a new earth consciousness.

In the end it will be nature, and the nature of the cosmos and cosmic rules, that will determine what and who has aligned with its principles of purity, and who and what has not.

Regardless of circumstance or how things may appear just now, love always has the upper hand, and right now that looks like the hearts of the people on fire.

With much love,

Heather xo


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