The Essence We’re Shifting Into

You’d have to be asleep under a rock to not be aware of the massive ‘mind meltdown’ that’s been taking place on this planet of late.

If you are reading this, then you know what I’m talking about so I won’t go on to explain further, except to say very succinctly…if you are not acknowledging the God within, you will be having quite another experience of life than those who are.

the essence we're shifting intoIf you feel like you’ve just been chewed up and spit out like a disgusting unidentifiable food item, please know that what’s been hacked up like a cat’s massive hairball, is eons of denial and repression of the light within.

You may still be on all fours, dazed and heaving with relief, looking at the pile of crud in front of you and thinking, “thank God.”


When the winds of universal change come sweeping through, it’s like being in labor. It’s primal, natural, and painful as hell.

Others of you may have been doing this purging in chunks and hunks along the way so may not have been flattened and gutted by the wild storm of energies recently, but rather could sense that the best thing to do was to stay out of the 3D world circus as much as possible so as not to get sucked into the chaos.

For me, personally, I found my way through by keeping things simple, beautiful, quiet, nourishing, and calm, and with that, was able to just let go of what feels like the eternal past. Not just my own lifetimes of past repression and denial of spirit, but the entire influence and vibration of this heavy, repressive energy upon the world stage!

It feels like it just got wiped out.

Vaporized. Vamoose. Gone.

Yeah…I know….like, OH MY GOD!

I want to say that this is the power of letting go, but in truth, it felt like it somehow let go of me, like it had no room left to live inside of me, or nothing to attach itself to any longer.

Perhaps we can never know the magnitude of our deepest longings and the power they have to bring about expansive inner change.

So what is emerging now in my reality is this…

During the past few weeks I made a check-list of words (energies) that I glance at at the end of each day. This is the overall essence of the kind of world I choose to live in. If my day has not included one or several of the energies listed, I gently remind myself that creation is most effortless and natural, especially with said massive hairball (aka – heavy, repressive, guilt-ridden, fear infested 3D programming) purged and flushed.

So here’s what’s on the proverbial banquet laden table of daily life from this new place:

Feeling deeply
Raw (as in real total truth)
Meaningful heart connections

Please feel free to add to the list!

And I’m not talking about squeezing in the essence of the above when I have time.

“When I have time” no longer exists.

I am here.

I create from this new and empty timelessness.

I am consciousness.

I am awareness.

I am presence, and I am presence with an essence.

What is this essence?

The unabashed, unashamed, fearless expression of the Beloved.



With love,

Heather xo


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