The Empty Canvas of In-Between


How much of your life has been created by you to nourish your soul and make your senses come alive?

Get quiet here…

Really sit with this…

Take a deep breath or two…

What feelings does this question stir up within your body?

Is there a sense of deep satisfaction?

Is there some panic…some regret…some sadness or frustration?

Whatever is there, just let it be there. Just feel it without judgement or any self-condemnation.

We are all learning to navigate in what I like to call, ‘the empty canvas of the in-between world.’

So much has transpired in most of our lives in an effort to simply be still and stand calmly, with poise and grace, before the unknown mystery of ‘right now.’

the empty canvas of in between

What’s shimmering up through the silence, for me anyway, is a dance of creating through what feels good to the soul and the senses.

At the end of the day, don’t you want to feel the immense soul-satisfaction of having spent this precious day nourishing yourself and those you love with the naturalness of your divine being?

Did we bring honor to our being, the God within, by giving it the beauty it loves to see, the sounds it loves to hear, the fragrances it loves to smell, the foods and drink it loves to taste, the things it loves to touch and feel, to the best of our ability, regardless of circumstance?

Do you remember ever being taught this reverence for your inner being in the old world?

We’ve all been so busy trying to; be someone special, accumulate more stuff, make more money, beat ourselves up, find a partner, simply survive, be a perfect parent, blah, blah, blah…anything but be our natural, real, self.

If the old world could be seen as a painting on a canvas one day in the future, it would be layered thick with globs of old paint…peeling…cracked…with chaotic patterns of churning darkness and tangled lines, that when viewed would bring about feelings of deep anxiety, speed, confusion, constriction, suffocation, and desperation.

People would walk away from it feeling unexplicably sad, pondering its title – Mad, Mad, World.

So here we are, somewhere in between here and there.

Many of us have stumbled, crawled, or downright dragged ourselves to the edge of this cliff, and here we are peering over the edge realizing with disbelief that the road looks like it ends here, for where else is there to go except to fall off the cliff?

Here’s what I’m sensing about all of this…

The edge of the cliff is the end of oppression, repression and denial of the God or Spirit within. Period.

The only way across to the other side, which by the way, looks miraculously like something out of the biggest and best fantasy you’ve ever had about beauty, safety, freedom, belonging, harmony, and love, is to build a bridge, by nourishing our soul completely and totally…one hundred percent, doing whatever we can, whenever we can to acknowledge and nourish the light of love within….to evoke those feelings of ease, inner comfort, beauty, joy, and contentment by crafting a life, filling our day, one day at a time, one moment at a time, with that which makes us feel good, goofy, or glorious..even if that means walking away from something and rebuilding anew.

What a foreign concept to so many of us, and if not foreign, then definitely repressed for fear of being ridiculed or ostracized by the dominant masses.

We have so long been trained to tow the line, stick it out, suck it up, keep quiet, hide the truth, endure, and suffer, all the while the source of infinite, benevolent goodness has been patiently witnessing, without judgement, the ignorance or fear we hold of our true identity.

No more…

If we are in relationship with an infinite, benevolent source of goodness and love, and I believe that we are, then surely our purpose here is to embody the likeness from whence we came by revering who we are, honoring and cherishing our very being, and doing everything in our power to gift ourselves with wonder, delight, joy, fun, beauty, and majesty….yes, even majesty.

Being in this human form with seven billion others while walking upon the grandeur and magnificence of this earth, is simply a precious and rarefied gift in the bigger scheme of things, and it’s taken us to the edge of the cliff on our knees to actually ‘get’ this.

I like this….a lot.

Being on our knees, humbled in the face of our own ignorance, with seemingly nowhere else to go other than towards our own demise, is such an act of pure grace and unconditional love, that clearly our collective human heart will recognize its relationship to all of life, beginning with the love of our individual, beloved self, and begin to paint upon a new canvas – our new world – using the colors of all that is held sacred.

To put it in a nutshell…to love and honor ourselves the way we are so unconditionally loved and honored by the great mystery, is to be in right relationship with all of Existence.

May it be so…may it be so.


With love,

Heather xo


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