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In the summer months, I freelance as a Bed and Breakfast host and Innkeeper. I love this work and it is hard work, yet it suits my inner being while also giving me most afternoons and evenings to pursue writing and other creative passions. One of the things I love the most about it besides the sheer joy of cooking for and serving the guests, is the chillin’ time when all the work is done.  This past Canada Day weekend, for example, I was crazy busy preparing and serving a gourmet three-course breakfast for 6 to 8 people each day, cleaning up, preparing the bedrooms for the next day, laundry, shopping etc…


Relaxing and The Art Of Chillin’

But there comes a point when everything is finished for the day and it’s time to sit down and relax.  This is what I have learned to call the art of chillin’.

the art of chillin'


Nourishing The Soul

There is something so deeply satisfying about resting a tired and aching body, slowing down a mind that has been engaged in planning and completing tasks all day, and nourishing the soul with the kind of fuel it craves the most…mostly beauty, and all that feeds the senses.

the art of chillin'



The Work of Using Mind and Body

When we are in work mode, regardless of the work we do, typically we have to use our mind to get the tasks done, and in my case at the B&B, I also have to use my body a great deal, what with running up and down stairs, hauling loads of laundry, carrying plates of food between kitchen and dining room, and getting rooms cleaned and ready for the next day.


Permission to Refuel

When either the mind or body or both, have been engaged and intently focused for many hours, it is sooooooo important to give ourselves permission to refuel and allow our often overstimulated mind and bodies to unwind, relax, and find center again.


Feed the Senses

I have found the best way to do this is through feeding the senses. When we learn the art of chillin’, basically we’re learning the art of nourishing the soul, and the soul loves nothing more than being fed through taste, touch, sound, smell, and sight.

the art of chillin'


Too Tired To Think

So often when we are totally exhausted from a hard day’s work, the last thing we want to do is think about another thing. How many people do you know who just want to come home, grab a beer and switch on the television for a few hours and numb out? It could even be you who are reading this. And what about all the parents who work hard and then come home and have to jump into high gear to feed the family or prepare for the kid’s extracurricular activities?


But here’s the thing…


When We Don’t Take The Time

When we don’t take the time to consciously plan our days or our life in such a fashion that the soul is acknowledged, recognized, nourished, and thanked, then we will find ourselves simply moving robot-like on auto-pilot wondering why we feel so exhausted, empty, and numb.



How Long Does It Take To…?

It doesn’t take much time to nourish the soul….truly, it doesn’t. How long does it take to stop and buy a bunch of flowers to put next to your bed? How long does it take to light a few candles to put on the table with dinner?  How long does it take to run a bath, splash some essential oils in it and soak, if only for 15 minutes? How long does it take to pour yourself a glass of wine, put your feet up, and listen to some soothing music?


It’s Important To Consciously Transition

It’s so important to give ourselves the time to consciously transition from one thing to the next, and as creators of our own life, we get to make that happen however we choose. Learning to slow down and become more mindful helps with this.


Resistance To New Practices

I think the thing that takes the most time for most people, is the resistant thoughts that automatically churn through the mind when actually considering carving out these daily soul-spaces to rebalance and renew. There’s no doubt that it can be challenging to learn a new skill, especially one many of us had never been taught in the past.


On This Rock I Stand

I have a favorite quote that I have put into practice as best I can over the years, and it has proven to be true, true, true.  It’s by William Penn Patrick and goes like this:


“On this rock I stand and the whole world can adjust to me.”


We Are Powerful Creators

Kinda tells it like it is…that we are the powerful creators of our own experience.  Why not stand on the rock of our lives and create the kind of nourishing daily pauses the soul longs for to keep us feeling rested, revitalized, and alive with joy?


Start Where You Are

And, you don’t have to change anything about your life to start this. Start where you are right now…


Make Some Soul Room

Stand on the rock of your soul’s daily longings and watch the whole world adjust to you.  Start small. Make some soul room. Ensure it’s non-negotiable with those around you who may have gotten quite used to having all of your attention all the time.


Don’t Live Someone Else’s Life

Creators create.  And we are creators.  So make sure you’re not living someone else’s version of this thing called your life.  I highly recommend the art of chillin’ whenever and wherever we can. 🙂


Share Your Thoughts

I’d love to hear from you, whether you find the art of chillin’ a foreign concept or you are a master at it.

Remember, share as much detail as possible in your reply. The more you share, the more your words and your comments may help someone else. This is why I share much about my own life. And, if you have friends, clients or colleagues who might be in need of a little chillin’ out energy, share this post with them!


With much love,

Heather xo


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