Sweet Grace

We think we are here to taste the experience of life…the contrast…the duality.

And on some level, this is true, but only up to a certain point.

Our real purpose for being here is to discover the truth of who we are, and if it is freedom that we want more than anything, (freedom from an enslaved world gone mad) then this life of ours and all its ups and downs, and twists and turns, is the divine fodder to feed that sacred longing.

There comes a point though, where we discover in our hearts, that we want more than just to taste the sweetness of life.

As long as we are content to feast from the table of life’s buffet, we never reach that place of pure knowing.

How can we, if it is the sweet taste of a thing that we are always pursuing? It is like a hunger that can never be satiated. Always, there will be the desire for more of that, and more of that, and more of that.

And what is so great about the place of pure knowing then?

Does it mean we never again taste the sweetness of life?

Does it mean we cast off all that has ever had meaning to us and end up roaming the world chanting in white robes and bare feet?

What is this great secret that all the sages and masters of old spoke about?

From what I’ve come to learn so far, that place of pure knowing is about being the sweet taste of existence, rather than pursuing it.

It’s about knowing I am this Sweet Grace , so why pursue it and all the endless suffering that goes along with it?

We can see then, how necessary our life experience is, in that it eventually wakes us up (if we want it to) in order to transcend it.

That’s not to say there is anything inherently wrong with living a life in constant pursuit of pleasurable experiences. Most of us live this way. It’s what we were taught.

On the other hand, it takes much courage to walk down the road to freedom, and most people won’t do it voluntarily because it’s uncomfortable and disconcerting to shed our attachments to the excessive trappings of material security, comfort, and personal identity.

To discover that we are this Sweet Grace itself, takes a raging burning off of all that is not the real Self. It is a stripping down of all identification and attachment to the personality, body, and enslaved mind.

It takes a deep surrender that comes from an inferno in the heart for freedom.

As part of the common humanity, it feels to me like this is where we are all headed as our deeper nature and most authentic Self zeros in on its evolutionary “automatic pilot” flight to freedom.

It is our destiny, and we are not in charge one iota.

Most of us are realizing this, and most of us are gradually being peeled back to the bone in varying levels and layers, though I’m sure there are many who are reading this screaming, “It doesn’t feel gradual to me!”

This is where great trust comes in. We learn to have faith in the benevolent wisdom of our longing for freedom, for this longing itself is Sweet Grace calling out to us.

Once we’ve made a shift of mind into this pure place, then all of life begins to taste sweet, for we see that all of it is an act of Grace.

This is Freedom. This is Peace.

Who can really know for sure where we are all headed as an Earth, Humanity, Collective Consciousness?

Life itself is always a good guide, so if we can get quiet enough, still enough, simple enough, surrendered enough, grateful enough, empty enough, humble enough, and most importantly….present enough, then I believe, without exception, the Sweet Grace of our Being will gently, and oh so subtly, appear as the perfume of our collective, eternal beauty, and will transform and infuse all of us with the exquisite space of the mysterious unknown and the unutterable Absolute.

In the meantime, it is enough to say thank you for everything.

With much love,

Heather xo

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  1. Andomeda

    Hi Heather,

    Thank-you!!! 🙂 🙂


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