Stardust & Poppies – A Little Perspective

Sometimes I love to freak myself out by looking at NASA photos of the earth in relation to infinity.  Well, at least the amount of infinity a super-powered NASA camera can capture…

It can really mess with your head, but if you are someone like me, who is on a mission in this brief lifetime to grasp the profundity of being alive in a human body on this planet at this time, then ‘the messing with the head’ is a good thing because it begs us to wonder about things like stardust, poppies, and a little perspective.


Marveling At The Miracles

Today, I took a little walk around the neighborhood in the town where I live and work. It was a beautiful, sunny day and I needed to stretch my legs. I was looking up wondering how minute a speck of dust I was in comparison to the vastness of the sky (yes…these are the kind of thoughts that meander through my mind!)

When I looked back down again, I was staring at a bunch of gorgeous poppies that took my breath away. As I snapped the photo, I was struck by just how much of a miracle it really was to be standing there marveling at the utter beauty before me as I stood on a seemingly random sidewalk, in a seemingly random town, in a seemingly random country, in this seemingly random world called planet earth that’s floating among the stars in a seemingly random galaxy within an infinite universe that I surmise is very much in order and on purpose.


The actual poppies I was looking at…

A Drooling, Mystical Moment

Of all the things that could have been available to me in that particular moment in relation to infinity…and there I was standing in front of a flower, literally drooling with bliss.  See what I mean? It’s all so damn freaky, and in these kinda crazy mystical moments, it really makes me question the absurdity and insanity of just about everything we believe to be so concrete and all-important.

How To Really Contribute

I mean really, if it’s not about love, service, beauty, creativity, communion, or downright sheer miraculousness, then what the hell are we doing every day?

Do we really need to be obsessively thinking about the 20 lbs we want to lose, the hundred grand we wish we had, the life, career, mate, car, sex, house, health, youthfulness, or body we wish we had? Especially when there are so many who are lucky to eat on any given day.

Do we need to obsessively worry about our kids, our grand-kids, our friends, our parents, our partners? Its just that it takes up so much useless space and negative energy in our minds and ultimately, our bodies, when we could be obsessing over a dewdrop instead, or the way the air smells at dawn, or the sound of our child’s laughter, or how the stranger’s eyes you just met passing them by on the street were full of such tenderness.

This, more than anything, will help all the people we’re so busy worrying about because it adds more peace, goodness, love, and appreciation to the mix of energy or vibration available to everyone.

Grasping The Magnitude of Existence

All the wanting and striving and doing and stress seems so shallow and unnecessary in the bigger scheme of things. It’s not that it’s wrong to want things or to feel good….it’s just that when we can grasp the magnitude of Existence and our teeny tiny place in all of it, that the desire for ‘things’ and feeling good based on external pleasures takes a major back seat.

Sure I like a comfy bed, a hot shower, a long hug, a strong coffee and dark chocolate. I consider these things to be nothing short of that miraculousness I mentioned earlier, but given the opportunity, I’d lay out under the stars with my soul and the fireflies and the tree frogs and the glow of a crackling bonfire any night, rather than cocoon myself in the comforts of only the body.

A Deeper Joy

The thing about experiencing Existence as it is rather than filtering it through our collected concepts, beliefs, intellect, and labels, is that it’s entirely fulfilling and satisfying on all levels. I would even go so far as to say that anything man-made is something we could easily live without and still feel the deeper joy and satisfaction that comes from simply knowing we are alive…that we are life….that we exist and are part of Existence…regardless of circumstance.

Noticing, Then Forgetting

Of course, these rambles come over me in a flash, and yes, I have moments like the one with the poppies now and then, but before I know it, I am catching myself speeding down the street in my car after work on my way home that’s all of ten minutes away. Why am I in such a hurry? Why am I obsessing over what I’m going to make for dinner?  Why am I not relishing the moment? Why am I missing Existence?!

Remaining Awake and Beautifully Alive

Looking at these kinds of NASA photographs every so often, strangely has a grounding effect on me. It puts things in such laser-like perspective that it makes my earthly existence no-nonsense and prioritized.

There are things I will and will not choose as part of my walk in this world and these things are not based on any man-made ideas, beliefs, or concepts. I make choices based on my soul’s desire to love, serve, create, commune, expand, and experience the essence of beauty and inner silence as much I am capable of in any given moment.

In some moments I am awake and alive. In many others I am not.  Still, to know that we are made of stars and are breathing in stardust with every breath is enough joy for a lifetime.  Life is surely a miracle…


With love,

Heather xo


  1. Wayne

    Hi Heather, great post. I see our thoughts seem to be much alike at times, wish you the best on this journey. Thanks for sharing.
    Take care, Wayne.

    • Heather

      Thanks so much, Wayne. Sometimes it feels like the thoughts are thinking me rather than the other way around!

      So glad you stopped by and enjoyed the post.

      Many blessings,
      Heather ☺

  2. Sadie Chan

    Hi Heather,

    The amazing thing about you is your ability to be so appreciative of small things around you, yet making the comparison to the enormous size of the mystery of our universe.

    Many people don’t realize that the root of our suffering is ignorance, and happiness can only be achieved through this simplicity of life.

    Regards Sadie

    • Heather

      So true, Sadie. Thank you for your wise words.

      As human beings, we are one of those ‘small things’ in comparison to the entire universe, and yet we think we are so big and important and tend to want to complicate everything so much.

      To be aware is to know our place in the bigger scheme of things. When we know this, it’s easy to notice and appreciate all of existence.

      Many beautiful blessings,


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