Spirit Junkies – Grounding Heaven On Earth

“A spirit junkie is someone who chooses to perceive the world through loving lenses.”

– Gabrielle Bernstein 

It used to perplex me how I made it to mid-life and had not become addicted to anything. Where so many people I know and have known have addictions to the usual slew of drugs, sex, alcohol, gambling, food, television, shopping, and now the biggest addiction of this decade – our smartphones – somehow I have managed to escape these obsessions.  When I came across the above quote, it all made sense, and that I was, in fact, an addict of something – a spirit junkie, perceiving the world through the lens of love with only one central mission in this life – to ground heaven on earth.

Following Your Joy Raises Your Frequency

Seeing and feeling the world through the lens of love really comes down to choosing what makes you feel good, what brings you joy, what inspires you because in doing so, you are automatically connecting to your non-physical self or soul that resides in the higher dimensions. In other words, following our joy raises our frequency, which then helps us to infuse the creative ideas of spirit into physical form.  This is what it means to ground heaven on earth, the true addiction, so to speak, of spirit junkies.

Spirit Junkies - Grounding Heaven on Earth

Acting From Our Highest Divine Qualities

These creative ideas are not reserved for only the painters, writers, singers, or musicians. It’s more about our state of consciousness, the consciousness of our inner being, so anytime we are consciously connecting within, it could be said that we are acting from our highest divine qualities such as grace, compassion, dignity, kindness, and awareness. From this place, we could be doing anything from washing the dishes, to taking out the garbage, to hugging a friend in need, or writing a masterpiece. Whenever spirit junkies are consciously choosing to transcend their lower nature, it can be said that they are actually dwelling in the higher realms while simultaneously being active and creative in the physical – grounding heaven on earth.

The Purpose of Spirit Junkies

If ever we needed a purpose for being creative or being spirit junkies, grounding heaven on earth would be it. And how do we know when we’re doing something creatively from the place of spirit? One of the most obvious characteristics is the balancing presence of both beauty and harmony, subtle qualities that can be found in every part of daily life if we are looking through the lens of love.

The Canvas Of Everyday Life

When we can see in this way, our everyday lives become the canvas on which the art of living also becomes the art of grounding heaven on earth.  This can happen through our relationships, the way we express ourselves, our behavior, our thoughts, our actions, and our words. The work of the spirit junkie is to infuse the Divine into the dark places of humanity, and most often it begins with ourselves and the obscured self-images we hold onto for dear life.

How We Can Get Derailed

Holding on to an impoverished self-image only serves to keep us stuck into believing that we can’t be the creators of our own lives, and this derails us from living creatively. It blocks us from our highest gifts of infusing spirit into form by having us believe that we are not able or worthy of communing with the spirit within.

Don’t Fix. Transcend.

One of the best ways I have found to heal just about anything ‘self-image’ is to just leave it alone. Yup. That’s right. Don’t try and fix anything you perceive as broken or impaired, rather, learn to embody and embrace your non-physical self. When you really think about it, our non-physical being makes up most of our consciousness trying to express through our physical body and daily actions. We can’t solve a problem with the same level of thinking that created it, so learning to embrace and embody the qualities of our inner being is a profound and healing way to make lasting change, and when we do this, (bring our non-physical awareness into the physical) we begin to notice that we are feeling more at peace and lighter in vibration.

How To Keep The Light Switch On

Yes, those dark places within may very well hold on for awhile, but the more lightness of being we begin to feel from embracing and embodying our higher nature, the more expanded we will become, allowing more and more light to flow in. Before we know it, the light switch is permanently on, and spirit junkies begin beaming their vibes wherever they go.

What Living Heaven on Earth Feels Like

Mostly this comes from consciously creating a life that supports and allows the inner being to be experienced and felt. Rarely can this happen if our lives are filled with chaos, stress, anxiety, rushing, toxic relationships, or extreme negativity. Yet, when our longing for another way is strong enough and we are willing to explore, embrace, and eventually embody the qualities of the higher realms, then we find ourselves automatically wanting to change our lives, and often our lifestyle, to something simpler, quieter, and where we can hear our soul speak.

A Holy Reverence For Existence Itself

Gradually, the mind will become quieter and all that rushing and having and doing loses its effect on us. A still pond replaces the tidal waves we used to carry inside.  We find ourselves being able to be present more and more even though action still take place. Thoughts of planning for Christmas in October seem ridiculous now, or when someone asks you what you had for lunch yesterday, you laugh out loud at the absurdity of recalling information from that long ago. Wherever we are, we are able to notice the perfection and beauty of everything just as it is without having an opinion of things or wanting anything to change. We ‘get’ that what is happening, is what is happening and are in awe sometimes that we can simply let things be. Often, we feel a holy reverence for existence itself, a deep inner knowing that all is well without our interference, attachment, or need to manipulate anything. Such is the path of spirit junkies, grounding heaven on earth.


With much love,

Heather xo

P.S. If you have friends, clients or colleagues who you think may be a Spirit Junkie, send them this blogOur vibe attracts our tribe and Spirit Junkies have awesome vibes!


  1. Rediet

    Exactly what I was looking for! Thank you so much for sharing such beautiful and insightful words 🙂

    • Heather Fraser

      You’re most welcome, Rediet.
      Glad you enjoyed the post.

      Love & blessings,
      Heather xo


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