Sacred Serenity

Sacred SerenityI recently acquired a garden plot as part of a community garden in the town where I live.

This community garden is part of a wonderful project that helps to provide organic, locally grown produce to the town’s food bank. I am provided with my own personal garden plot to grow whatever I like, while at the same time I agree to grow and maintain a second plot to grow vegetables that will be donated to the food bank. This is such a win/win situation!

The green space for this project was donated by a local church that had a full sun, large front lawn that was simply taking up space and energy to keep it maintained. Just think about all the local churches in your area on beautiful, large plots of land that need to be sprayed and mowed, when they could be used to grow food to feed people.

I am not affiliated with the church or the rotary club that has developed this community garden project. I simply purchased a plot and happily agreed to the terms of volunteering my time towards a good cause.

What this has brought to my heart is a sacred serenity…the kind that goes deep…to the place where peace and silence live.

sacred serenityLiving in an apartment for the past eight years, I have longed to grow my own garden, to get my hands into the dirt; and now I am blessed to grow two gardens!

Sometimes we think our good acts or contributions to the greater whole must be huge and spectacular, and oftentimes, if we can’t think of something that meets these standards, we simply don’t do anything.

I can tell you that the simple act of growing food and feeding others and myself from the land is an act of pure peace and joy, the ripple effects which will forever be in motion.

When you love what you are doing or being in any given moment, what you are doing or being will love you right back. Just look at those veggies!

Small acts. Big love. Sacred serenity.


With love,

Heather xo


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