Sacred Beautiful Being


It’s a snowy afternoon here in South-western Ontario, Canada. The first real snow we’ve had all year showed up the other day. Only a couple of inches, but enough to stay on the ground to create that soft, peaceful feeling that sort of cushions and magnifies all the wondrous sounds of the Universe.


Another expected two inches is just beginning to fall, and I can’t help but fall with it…fall in love that is.


I give thanks for it’s divine beauty, the genius master of mystery, that knew each flake just had to be created with breathtakingly original, one-of-a-kind exquisiteness.


Much like all of us really.


If only we could all see that about each other.


We were all born from the very same master of mystery. We all contain the same divine beauty. Each of us created with the same breathtakingly original, one-of-a-kind exquisiteness.


Perhaps I’m reflecting on this because tomorrow is my birthday. Perhaps because at this birthday, marking my forty-ninth year on this planet, I’m feeling that way about myself…that I am a divine, beautiful, breathtakingly original, one-of-a-kind piece of exquisiteness!


No small feat to accomplish…at least for me.


And maybe that is why I’ve been struggling of late, over Christmas, with loved ones who have been caught in the web of illusion, who are suffering needlessly, experiencing grief and loss over relationships that have simply and quite naturally come to an end for their benefit.


My struggle has been to maintain the sacredness of my centre, to not allow myself to be dragged, by those I love so dearly, through their emotional train wrecks.


I don’t do that anymore.


Or at least that’s been my intention.


I’m obviously not quite there yet, or else I wouldn’t have struggled at all.


I have not quite reached mastery in that department.


I’ve been finding it a challenge to stand up and declare that “I am a sacred beautiful being!” without feeling insensitive and harsh to those who are moving through some ,narcissistic, toxic, illusional suffering, (not illusional to them to be sure.)


Whenever I find myself entangled in these frightful, emotional situations, I always know I need to remove myself as far as possible energetically, until I can gain back my sense of groundedness.


From that centered place within, I can then look at what it is within me that is still needing some loving attention…that which is still very much “triggerable.”


I guess for me it is partly judgment, partly impatience, partly lack of compassion.


I am human after all, having a very human experience, but one that is rapidly moving out of the 3D human consciousness, if not already out of it, except for the moments when I allow myself to be pulled back in.


Or maybe I simply haven’t yet fully grasped what Gandhi meant when he said, “I will not let anyone walk through my mind with their dirty feet.” To that I would also include “heart.”


And the still, small voice said,


“You are correct in pulling within and finding your center once again. This is the dance of the eternal Tao. You do not bring harm or speak harsh words, but simply retreat. Allow the dance of wisdom, the energies of dignity and trust to bring balance to the situation. There is no harm done in loving from a distance. This is the higher road, a road void of ego and holier than thou righteous indignation. You are being led. Trust your wisdom. Remain open to the Love that you are. Everyone is seen as a sacred, beautiful being by us. Simply allow your dignified behavior to dictate how you wish to be in relationship with others. Some will stay. Some will go. So be it. Your inner wisdom will never let you down.”


With love,

Heather xo

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  1. Bruce

    Very nice!….I’m also in Southern Ont, Kitchener! Keep the great articles coming.



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