Remaining Calm Within The Storm – Dive Deep

When have we…all of humanity at the same time…ever had our backs up against a wall with the likes of the full on tyranny we are experiencing at every level these days? It feels so normal to rise up in outrage, to protest, to boycott, to demand justice and freedom, to write letters, to take our lives back! And yet, when I go deeper, remaining calm, I hear myself asking if I really want my life back, with all the socially conditioned lies and programs we’ve been fed since birth, where big box stores are the norm, where rushing and living for all things external, including love, money, success, and material gain was the way of things for so many.


Equanimity is calm within the storm, a choice not to be triggered into blind reaction.


Living Like A Fringe Dweller

I had jumped off that merry-go-round many years ago and have been living much like a fringe dweller, moving in and out of mainstream as required, but now…? Now, I go out to the forest to hike and that’s about it…and I’ve found great peace in that as the world stage unravels as it will.

Consciously Choose To Disengage

There seems to be a greater strength within, a centered, soldiering, equanimity when I consciously choose to disengage even further from what is fast becoming an alien existence. I suppose some could argue that I’m just sticking my head in the sand and acquiescing to the tyranny, yet I’m not. I’m certainly not following the crowd and being force fed by, or blindly obeying anything mainstream. I have yet to wear a mask. I am pro freedom, pro choice, pro health, pro natural immunity. I know my rights.

Stand Within, Remaining Calm

Standing within myself on my own sacred, inner ground, something feels immovable, solid, sanctified. Is our world in the state it’s in because we never learned, or were never taught, or failed to choose, to gain this inner sense of freedom and strength? Were we instead, lured by all the shiny ‘ten thousand things’, believing that somehow it was okay to prostitute our very souls in the name of power, money, success, validation, material gain, and exclusivity?

Where Do We Still Have Work To Do?

What if everything that’s happening now is a reflection of some part of our personal self that still wants to control, manipulate, oppress, and dictate? Can we honestly say that we are absolutely free of these traits in our own lives? Aren’t we here to learn and grow and expand from our life experience? What if it’s all a massive opportunity to flush out disharmony en masse, by having it mirrored back to us in the very way the world stage is currently unfolding?

Remaining Calm In The Depths

I keep thinking about the ocean’s surface when a powerful storm is raging and destroying everything in its path, and seeing that perhaps the safest, calmest place is at its depths, in the stillness. These are indeed interesting times, and it’s okay, I feel, not to know the answer to these questions, but to simply ask them.


What If We’re Meant To Pause & Reflect? 

What if we’re meant to pause, get real quiet and undistracted by all the noise, and take a good, long, hard look at how balanced the world could be if we chose to live from a more centered, natural, peaceful, sovereign, harmonious, place of inclusivity and equanimity? What if this is a giant wake up call?


From my heart to yours,

Heather xo



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