The Real Game of Life


As I sit here staring at the computer, watching the letters form words across the white screen, I am aware of the constant hum of the hard drive. Someone is nailing something into the wall in the next unit from mine, and I can hear the low drag of the elevator as it moves up and down in the distance, at the same time as the flute music is playing in the living room. The clock is ticking next to my bed, and the keys of the keyboard are clicking away as my fingers do their thing.


Along with all of this, my heart is beating, breath is moving in and out, blood is flowing throughout body, stomach is digesting the orange I just ate and telling me it wants something more, and the earth is spinning on its axis, while the fog I can see from my window is clearing, seemingly on its own.


I feel such deep peace at the way of it all.


Who is noticing all of this?




Consciousness is.


The eye of I AM.


Not only is consciousness noticing all of this… is all of this.


Now lets play a game! Wooohoooo….what fun!


Let me write this all over again from a place of ego mind or unconsciousness.


As I sit here staring at the computer, watching the letters form words across the glaring white screen that is almost blinding me, all I can hear is the annoying, constant hum of the hard drive. Someone is nailing something into the wall in the unit next to mine and I cannot concentrate one single bit. I can hear the loud thudding of the elevator as it moves up and down in the distance at the same time as the flute music plays in the living room and I am getting angrier by the minute with all these distractions! The clock is annoyingly ticking next to my bed, and the sound of the keys on the keyboard as I type is really pissing me off! Clickety…clickety…clickety…Can’t these things be invented without making so much noise? How am I supposed to write?


Along with all of this distraction, I can hear my heart beating so loudly in my eardrums you’d think I was smack in the middle of a friggin’ drumming circle, (no offense drummers! I love drumming…just a little comic relief) my breathing is making hostile hissing sounds through my nostrils, I just ate an orange and now my stomach is complaining that it wants something else to eat, and the fog I can see from my window is finally clearing up…it’s about bloody time! At least now I can see something!






To be one with everything?




To have an opinion of everything.


You get the picture…


This is the dance we are all learning to dance.


One choice brings calm, peace, love, stillness, clarity, beauty, acceptance, unity.


The other brings angst, impatience, anger, fear, judgment, distraction, confusion, separation.


Unconsciousness is the state of the world-mind most of us grew up with and adopted without question. It is the mind, and we learned to live in it…separated from Being…in ignorance.


Consciousness is the constant state of Being. It has always been there, and now we are waking up to the fact that we have a choice.


Unfortunately, making the choice to unlearn everything we were taught and flower into full consciousness can be a challenge while the external world of human unconsciousness keeps trying to suck us back in there, into the mind, into rigid mental concepts and beliefs.


We don’t have a visual example to follow per say, only because we tend to see the world through the mind of judgment, opinion, labels, separation.


Once we surrender and turn within to the realm of Being…to the power of Being, which without surrender is completely blocked, we find home…stillness…peace…and the most beautiful, silent joy.


It is our sole responsibility to do this if we want to “be the change.”


No more excuses. No more victim.


And how do we do this?


There is only one way.


Stay present. Be here now. Feel the moment. Be.


Teach yourself to drop out of the constant, incessant, nattering of the mind.


It’s time to use the mind of the Creator, of consciousness, that which we are – to form the pictures and feelings we desire regardless of what else is going on around us.


It’s like having our own special secret that we’re reverently holding safe inside.


One that says, “I am safe for I am Love.”


Feel the energy of beauty, love, peace, calm, stillness, acceptance, and unity, rather than wishing for more money, better health, a loving partner, a faster car.


Feel your own consciousness and learn to “turn the other cheek” to everything else.


It’s time to see the world with Being rather than Mind.


There is so much beauty to behold.


This is mastery.


This is the way.


This is our road to freedom.


With love,

Heather xo


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