Our Original Freedom Is Love

The earth under my feet smells of spring as I take a morning hike. Songs of joy are sung to me as I walk along. Robins, chickadees and cardinals serenade the expanse of forest as the snow melts and the morning sun casts a faint shadow through the misty clouds.

I can’t help but feel overjoyed by the surround sound of birdsong and nature as a lightness of being fills me up.

This is all that matters,” I hear from within.

I ponder this message as I walk. I consider how the earth..how nature and all her precious gifts are what keep me alive..what keeps us all alive, supported, and loved.

I think of my own mother. I think, too, of my role as a mother.

How different is the job of our Mother Earth? How similar? Is there any difference at all? Aren’t we each a child of nature?

Earth As Our Mother

When we can deeply and experientially feel the earth as our mother, the very earth beneath our feet that supports all of life, that freely feeds us on all levels, that induces deep states of calm, peace, and joy, and most importantly, provides us with our original freedom, born of love, that deep inherent knowing that freedom is our birthright – how is it that more of us are not rising up in fierce protection of that original freedom?

Freedom Convoy – Action In Numbers

Here in Canada, to be sure, the Freedom Convoy of truckers kicked off a worldwide awareness of what’s possible when a focused minority gathers together and makes a stand against obvious tyranny, something that has lit a fire for freedom across the globe, but when the stakes are as high as they are, that we are moving towards becoming an object owned by the government rather than a human being free to roam and live unhindered upon this beautiful earth , then I ask, where are the rest of the uprisers?

Psychological Warfare Is Not A Conspiracy Theory

Our original freedom, born of love and the purity of existence itself, is being cleverly infiltrated and insidiously permeated by the dark use of technology through our devices, 5G frequencies and the like, questionable medical interventions, as well as our corrupt so called government leaders and mainstream media, resulting in the greatest psychological warfare ever conducted in full plain view and in broad daylight, so to speak, while the majority remain either unaware, silent, compliant, obliging, in denial, and/or conforming. At the start of the pandemic two years ago, I wrote a post entitled, How An Uprising In Consciousness Will Change Everything . Some thought it reeked of conspiracy theories back then. Hmmm…

Even The Least Among Us Can Do Something

In the bigger scheme of things, I see myself as nobody special, a humble person without a huge following, no PhD, no expertise in politics or science or medicine, but what I do have is a voice attached to a body connected to nature’s intelligence system that can absolutely sense when malevolence and diabolism, the total opposite of nature’s intelligence system, is afoot . I can also take action in some way…and almost everybody can do that too, if heads are pulled out of devices, world distractions, and if the hypnosis, brainwashing , and loss of connection to the original freedom has not gone too far.

Civil Disobedience

So what kind of action can we take? Civil disobedience. The refusal to comply with certain laws considered unjust, as a peaceful form of political protest. You decide what that means for you.

Using Your Voice

Dr. Julie Ponesse, a Professor of Ethics & Ancient Philosophy who taught at Ontario’s Huron University College for 20 years and was placed on leave and banned from accessing her campus due to the vaccine mandate, in fact, for questioning what she took to be an unethical demand, and was dismissed for doing exactly what she had been hired to do, has this to say about  standing up and using your voice:

You AREN’T a bad person for demanding evidence, you AREN’T a bad person for trusting your instincts, and you AREN’T a bad person for wanting to think for yourself. In fact, the opposite is true “

Amen to that…

The Tipping Point Is In Our Hands

While it’s true that studies have proven that once an idea is adopted by just 10% of the population, and this then becomes the tipping point when ideas, opinions, & beliefs are rapidly adopted by the rest, it’s clear that we haven’t gotten there yet or else all this would be over and done with in a flash, and democracy would return to the people BY the people. Let’s just hope that happens, and soon. It’s up to US.

Everyone Should Care About Freedom

We must choose freedom for all. “This isn’t about liberals and conservatives, pro-and anti-vaxxers, experts and lay people. Everyone should care about truth, everyone should care about the scientific and democratic processes, everyone should care about one another,” states Julie Ponesse.

And to that I would add, everyone should care about nature’s intelligence system, our original freedom, that which is pure and belongs to each and every one of us, that operates from within, guiding us, the very thing that’s being hijacked from us and our children, and we’re allowing it.

“This is all that matters…” I hear it again and again as I head back home along the forest trail.

It’s with me everyday now…

I hope you hear it too.

With love,

Heather xo


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