The following poem poured forth from within as a thundering rush of words in the Autumn of 2021.


It surged through me as a potent proclamation of a new law and order on the planet, one that comes from deep within each and everyone one of us when we choose to pledge allegiance to the very foundation that gives us life.

Nature Speaks

I have a voice
It can be heard in the mighty trunk of an oak
Or through my actions.

I speak every language
But embody only one.
It’s time to listen…
I whisper through the forest floor
And in a trillion stars.
I sing through every bird and cicada
And in the purifying fall of rain.
If you don’t feel a staggering peace
When I speak,
Then you are not listening.
Whatever channel you’re on is too loud,
Too full of fear, or the lies of social conditioning,
I have a voice
And it’s speechless,
But not silent.
And when necessary,
Can be piercingly delivered,
Through a crack of thunder
That echoes in your bones,
Or with a swift and sudden shift of your reality,
A dissolution from which, you’ll arise anew,
Or not at all.
If you want to hear my voice
Be quiet…
Remembering that silence cannot be silenced.
Meet me there,
And what you’ll discover
Is that you, too, have a voice.
All of life united
In a colossal song of freedom…of love,
That can only be heard
In the deep hush of your humility.
October 1, 2021