Love’s Way


It’s a cool, breezy afternoon as I write this, and I am sipping on a soothing peppermint tea.


I just came out of the bathroom, where I noticed in the mirror that my eyes were blazing with a kind of light that was not there this morning when I woke up.


Short of sounding like the self-involved vanity of the ego, I had to take a second look. I was shocked, and thought, “Wow…what caused that to happen!”


All I did before this moment was go for a hike in the woods, run a few errands, then had some lunch.


I must say though, my heart has felt like it has been in supersonic expansion mode of late.


More like a realization that Love, if it is pure and true, can never be lost. In fact, what it feels like to me, is that it continues to expand and grow and nurture and do good….forever.


Maybe that great realization has finally kicked in at the level of my DNA or something.


Maybe this is what the ultimate in self-forgiveness feels like.


Maybe when our DNA is doing a full inner body smile, one of total surrender to the Love that we are, maybe that energy simply starts to radiate as a completely noticeable light pouring out through the eyes.


What do I know? Maybe it was just the chocolate I ate after lunch…or perhaps the latest round of solar flares is burning things up on the inside!


This is Love’s Way.


It’s always unexpected…a surprise.


It always feels beautiful, even if it hurts, and sometimes it does.


And usually, you’re the last one to realize it.


“Oh,” you may say…”so this is what Love feels like…so this is Love’s Way.”


Yes…yes it is.


And it always begins with ourselves first.


At some point or another, we are all faced with a situation or circumstance that is here to teach us how to become less judgmental, less selfish, or less arrogant, and more compassionate, soft, open, and loving.


Sometimes it’s a heartbreaking loss, sometimes a misunderstanding with massive consequences, sometimes it’s an illness or an accident…whatever the case may be, some of us learn the lesson and are deeply humbled, while others may end up closing their heart even further in an act of self-protection.


This used to be my way.


It was not Love’s Way.


The way I see it now…(Love’s Way, that is)… is to know that the only way we can experience the achingly, beautiful grace of the Soul, is to expand the heart so much through yielding, letting go, and remaining true to our inner integrity, that it will eventually embrace all of life, and will still have room for even more Love.


How could it not, when the heart, in its capacity to Love, is as vast and as endless as eternity?


Like my favorite poet, Hafiz, writes in his poem:


It Felt Love

How did the rose ever open its heart
And give to this world all its Beauty?

It felt the encouragement of light
Against its Being

Otherwise, we all remain
Too frightened.


With love,

Heather xo


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