Love Is The Only Way Out – Don’t Refuse Your Lifeboat

“Until we see love as the meaning of life, life seems to have no meaning at all. The sense of meaninglessness produces chaos, and the chaos produces fear. There is only one way out of this, and that is to see every moment and every situation as an invitation to love.”  – Marianne Williamson

The Universe Is Benevolent

This universe is a benevolent one. We tend to forget that. It is on our side. And when we make the conscious choice to move into harmony with it (or at least be open to the possibility), all the forces of existence move in to help us. Circling around and around in our own private, isolated, and encapsulated versions of hell only serve to keep us trapped there. This is the poison of our darkness. Our self-created fears that drive us insane because we fail to believe there may be another door, a wide open one at that, that if we saw it, and chose to walk towards it, we’d soon find out is the doorway through to the eternal energy of the Divine, a vibration that frees all prisoners of their limited consciousness by showing us that love is the only way out.

Befriending Fear To Dissolve It

Fear is a physical sensation. Mostly it can be felt as a tightness in the chest (shallow breathing), a constriction in the throat (silent scream), a mania of the mind (incessant thinking of a solution or a way out), or a loosening of the bowels or bladder. I can still recall the time a shaman explained to me that fear was not an on-going power because it is not divinely motivated, that it was simply a movement of self-created energy, that when allowed to move through the body unrestricted, would eventually find its way out.

Whatever Comes Up, Allow It To Be

When fear rises up, it’s important to allow it. Don’t try to squash it back down, remove it, numb it, or run away from it, but rather, be totally receptive to its presence and let it roll on through, which it will do, usually in waves. It’s also helpful to stay centered in the awareness that this fear is present and to not tell yourself that you are afraid. Instead, become aware that fear is present. From a frequency level, there is a vast difference between these two states, and to remain in the highest frequency while the energy of fear is being released it’s important to be centered deep in the heart, the place where all fear fades.

Love Fears Nothing

When we become unwavering in our determination to release all that is no longer serving us as we move and expand into 5th-dimensional living or higher, we will find that we are spending more and more time filled with a dynamic quality that frees us from our own illusions, the dynamic quality of love. It is this power within the center of the heart, when we make the time to live there often, that allows us to feel our connectedness with everything and everyone. The unconditional love that we all seek lives quietly in this center point of our being, and once we learn to tap into it often, we will discover that no fear can ever reside there.

No One Needs To Learn How To Love

No one needs to learn how to love. It’s much easier to learn how to drop our fears instead. When we face our fears by giving them permission to move on out, then we will find that love is now front and center stage. Love and fear can’t exist together. Fear tends to take our natural, warm feelings and lock them up so tight that in the extreme, the very thought of being loving or giving love leaves us so constricted and paralyzed that the only thing we can do is suffer the consequences on all levels; physically, mentally, and spiritually.

The Root Of The Root

We may think the troubles of our personal lives or of the world at large are stemming from someone else’s behaviour, our current circumstances, our lack of health, or money, or love, not enough gun laws, or corrupt governments, and yet the root of the root reveals itself day in and day out, century after century, and lifetime after lifetime – fear. As long as fear remains the motivating energy behind any action on any level, love cannot flood in to show us another way, making it imperatively urgent that each of us step fully into our role as the master of our own lives and begin showing up as the highest versions we are capable of at the present level of our consciousness while remaining open and willing to grow and expand further day by day.

The Divine Only Rushes In To Unite

Being a benevolent universe, whenever we make the choice to yield, soften, grow and expand into the wisdom and ways of our higher self, we are never turned away. Never underestimate the total devotion of the Divine to be unified. When we are ready and totally willing to find another way to live our lives, one where we show up humbled and surrendered before the Creator, then it can be said we are in harmony with existence itself and all of its mystery and powers will flood to our aid with a lifeboat of love. How many times have we chosen not to get in? How much more time do we have to keep missing the boat?

Grace Will Dance With You

Any time we are operating from fear, separation, isolation, indifference, dictatorship, greed, and/or disconnection, then we can expect to be on our own, stuck and limited by our ego desire to do things our own way. The Divine won’t ever rush into to separate; only to unite, and when we decide to put our fears to rest, grace will move in and she will dance with us.  The truth is, the minute you decide you want to find a way out, is the exact moment that you start to find the way out.

Floating In A Lifeboat Of Love

There still seems to be alive in the psyche of mass consciousness a deeply held gospel of eternal punishment. Not only is this one of the most crippling doctrines of the earth plane because it continues to instill such fear, but it’s also a grand distortion and perversion of what the cosmos is proven to be made of and how it operates – which is inclusively, benevolently, and harmoniously. To really want to affect change within ourselves and the world, we have to be willing to unravel and unwind much of the fear that continues to motivate our daily choices and actions. When we can bring awareness to the center of our being and take the time to feel the infinite warmth and compassion that resides there, then it could be said that we are floating in our lifeboat of love.


With love,

Heather xo

P.S. If you have friends, clients or colleagues who you think may be in need of a lifeboat of love, send them this blogDoing good expands goodness everywhere.


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