Love Is The Bridge Over Troubled Water

As I write this, I am watching the full moon slip silently beyond the horizon. It descends like a giant orb, a halo of ancient mystery, cascading its ethereal light the way a mother’s heart beats in tender, centrifugal waves around her children. I can feel the palpable hush of dawn and smell the sweet terrain, a mixture of cool dew and autumn leaves as the earthy balm flows in through the open window. Everything out-pictured before me has one message that I’m hearing on repeat. It has beaten in all our of hearts since time began. The only purpose in this moment is to bear witness to the beauty and to listen. It’s time to remember what we have forgotten.

…”love is the bridge over troubled water…love is the bridge over trouble water…love is the bridge over troubled water…”

love is the bridge over troubled water

Allowing Yourself To Be Hypnotized Into Darkness

There has never been a more potent time in the evolution of humanity to remember who we are.  With so much available technology and instant media access, we can literally become hypnotized into believing that what we are seeing played out on the world stage is the way of things to come and that all is falling into darkness and ruin.

The Power To Raise Our Frequency

There is no denying that the pain, suffering, displacement, and violence taking place of late is tragic and heartbreaking, however, the solution to stopping the madness will never be found in repeatedly and addictively filling our heads with the graphic media visuals and commentaries that will instantly take from us the only power any of us have, and that is our ability to raise our frequency to the level of love, and remain unrelenting in keeping it there.

Taking Compassionate Action

This doesn’t mean we don’t feel or let our hearts break open, or take action. We are human beings with the intrinsic, built-in empathic nature to respond to suffering. The trick is to respond, not react and take compassionate action through either prayer, donations, volunteering, or simply going into the silence and feeling the benevolent love and goodness of our authentic nature.

Explore Your Divine Nature

These events are harrowing wake up calls to the collective imbalance taking place at this time. As long as there are people, governments, systems, beliefs, concepts, or ideologies that support separation of any kind, that propose profit over peace, control versus collaboration, enslavement over freedom, and fear over unity – and we buy into it blindly without any exploration of our own divine nature – then nothing can ever really change for the better. And why is that?  Because it would be no different than actively participating in a system that is geared to keep us conformed, dependent, and fearful. Unfortunately, that’s the ugly reality of the majority.

Love Is The Bridge Over Troubled Water

Love is the bridge over troubled water is not some ‘woo-woo’ idealistic message from the invisible realm. When we take the time to pull our heads out of our iPhones and take a good look around – not with eyes whose view has been obscured with a barrage of the latest disturbing YouTube visuals – but with the clear eyes of love – the ones that see with the heart rather than the head, the ones that look for the beauty in every moment of every moment, even the painful ones, knowing somehow that this is the knowledge that will transform worlds – then we are truly capable of making great change.

A Mission To Purify

There is only ONE of us…and it is ALL of us. We are all stewards of the earth, or at least we are meant to be. It’s time to really get that we have the power to herald in great change, to love and care for all living things. It is entirely possible to lift the veil and see beyond the illusion we’ve created but it can only happen one aware individual at a time. This so-called modern civilization we continue to support doesn’t feel civil to me at all, and yet we have the power within us to change it by building a bridge of love over these troubled times and making it both our individual, and therefore, collective mission to raise and purify our frequency on a daily basis.

Learn About Energy and Frequency

How do we do that? Do what you love. Slow down. Connect to the earth. Feel good. Move your body. Sing. Dance. Celebrate. Sit under a tree. Laugh. Feel the sun on your face. Stop believing in only one reality. We have the power to create whatever reality we choose. Learn about energy and frequency, your light body. Expand. Notice. Contemplate. Love. Create. Serve. Do this forever, regardless of circumstance.


“When you know who you are; when your mission is clear and you burn with the inner fire of unbreakable will; no cold can touch your heart; no deluge can dampen your purpose. You know that you are alive.” 



With much love,

Heather xo

P.S. If you have friends, clients or colleagues who also believe there is only ONE of us and it is ALL of us send them this blog. Spreading good vibes creates more good vibes.


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