Living the Prayer of the Soul – How Beauty Transforms Us


I worship beauty.

I can say that with such power, confidence, and ease because it’s the language and living prayer of the soul.


living the prayer of the soul


I’m not talking about the kind of beauty found in the glitz and glitter of a cheap, superficial life. I’m also not talking about pleasure, which many people often confuse with beauty by defining it as whatever pleases them. To be sure, beauty’s primary role is not to serve our all too human selfish desire for self-indulgence.


Beauty Brings Us Joy

Oftentimes, if our lives have been wrought with struggle or adverse conditions, especially in childhood, the natural magic and essence of beauty becomes super magnified and protected by the ever-loving soul at a young age as a way to calm and overcome stifling and painful emotions. This helps to point us towards that which can bring us deep joy, even if the only place we can find it is in our imagination.  Beauty has that kind of power. The power to restore and transform by helping us to fill our minds and our hearts with it in such a ‘feeling’ way that we will always recognize it for the rest of our life.  So how do we recognize beauty?


Beauty is Alive and Pulsing

It is always alive and pulsing with life even though it could be something really old, like Michelangelo’s sculpture of David, and yet every time we admire it we are flooded with the grandeur and sheer beauty of it, which in turn enables our consciousness to expand and be filled with even more beauty.


Beauty Purifies the Mind and Heart

Beauty also has the capacity to purify the mind and heart. Have you ever been in a foul mood and looked up to see a shooting star streaking across the night sky?  How about watching a sunrise or a sunset, or a baby squealing with delight at a puppy licking its face. It’s impossible to hold onto any bitterness or negativity and be filled with the joy of beauty at the same time. In this way, beauty’s simplicity and the act of beholding such, can help us to purify by deeply penetrating every nook and cranny of our subconscious. It has a subtle way of surrounding our darkness and gradually dissolving it with beauty’s radiant light.


living the prayer of the soul


Beauty Helps Us Remember Our Highest Ideals

Sometimes even the perception of beauty in another person, place, thing, or condition of life will help us to remember our awareness of our highest and most inspiring ideals and values. I know when I have forgotten the power of beauty’s presence, just seeing it reflected back to me in the shimmer of sunlight on a dragonfly’s wings can cause me to rededicate my devotion to a deeper and more expansive spiritual way of living.


Beauty Transcends and Transforms

Beauty helps us to transcend. Almost magnetic in its nature, beauty can literally lift us from the denser, coarser, heavier, banal energies of life and turn our attention to the softness of sheer grace and loveliness. It has a pulling power from the depths of something we intimately recognize and naturally entrain towards – the soul – beckoning us to remember who we are – by embracing, encircling, and leading us towards divine transformation.


living the prayer of the soul

Beauty Takes Us Deeper

Beauty is never concerned with things crude, corrupt, vulgar, degraded, or debased. Sometimes it may be connected to topics that society may be uptight about and deems “vulgar” such as eroticism or sexual gender preference, but beauty will address these topics is such a way that their ultimate divine purpose and meaning is revealed. Beauty can oftentimes be connected to the struggles of being human, our vulnerability and fragile nature when dealing with suffering, worrying, fears, and negativity, however, it never immerses itself in these trials or defends them. Its only purpose is to reveal the often genius ideals these heavy energies tend to cover up. Beauty has the power to both shake us up, and wake us up.


Beauty Makes Us Whole

Beauty has a way of leading us into the inner dimensions of life. It opens us up and helps us to revel in its perfection and inspiration. As we contemplate beauty, we become empowered and impelled to reach inner fulfillment by balancing and harmonizing our physical, emotional, and mental responsibilities with our spiritual capabilities. When we do this, we can feel the unity and fluidity of grace moving through us.


Beauty Uncovers The Divine Within

Being a worshiper of beauty, I feel holiness whenever I come upon it. I think beauty reflects the expression of God, whatever you conceive God to be. When I am communing with or beholding beauty, so many new realizations come to light. Mostly I’ve come to understand that we are not the darkness, imperfections, and ugliness we have identified with in the past. We are not the one who used to constantly worry, who lost their confidence, who was confused, manipulated, hurt, repressed, controlled, abandoned etc. When I feel the beauty of a person, place, thing, or situation, I tend to be drawn into the energy of pure and utter peace. I tend to remember that I am a child of beauty and this has the power to transform a life by compelling us to express this beauty in all we do, say, think, and feel.


Beauty is a Mystic’s Love

As we learn to commune and listen to the soul, we fall ever deeper in love with beauty, the kind of love that is mature.  It can be likened to the love of a mystic, who has learned to respond to the call of the divine, to love the All with heart, mind, and soul. This is how beauty can transform us. This is called living the prayer of soul.


With love,

Heather xo

Photo Credits:  yours truly 🙂


  1. Wayne

    Excellent post Heather, thanks for sharing.

    • Heather

      Thanks so much, Wayne. Always love to share the beauty.


  2. Sadie Chan

    Hello Heather,

    So well said about the definition of beauty.

    People tend to look for money, a beautiful partner, big house, big car and a luxurious life style as beauty in the materialistic world.

    Real beauty cannot be bought. It has to come from the inner self. Many don’t realize that just the simplicity of life can bring so much beauty as you describe.

    It is all in nature for us to observe and yet many miss it. What a pity!

    Best regards,

    • Heather

      Thanks, Sadie.

      Your words are full of wisdom.
      Beauty is all around us.

      So glad you stopped by.


  3. Brian Smith

    I really appreciate this. Some of my favorite places are when I am out enjoying the beauty that can be found in nature. Thanks for sharing this with us.

    • Heather

      So glad you enjoyed this, Brian.

      Always happy to share the beauty. Nature is oozing with it.



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