Living In The Slipstream of Your Inner Being

As I pick up a pen to write, my arm and hand start to vibrate and pulse with energy. That’s never happened before. I wonder what’s going to move through me, then the word “slipstream” flows in. I pause for a moment to watch a flock of seagulls fly by my window and wonder why this word? And then more comes…“living in the slipstream of your inner being.”

Trusting The Impulse

As is always the case, I never really know what’s going to come through to be written. I usually feel a word or two, and the rest simply happens. What I’ve learned over many years is that it’s the impulse to move towards the empty page that must be followed, regardless of whether or not I have any idea what will come out.

It’s a surrendering…a trust, that I don’t have to know anything ahead of time, but just to begin…to follow that inner urge to move my hand across the page.

A Collective Inner Movement To Let Go

Take that same surrendering and trust to a more global scale, and I get the feeling that we are all being prompted from within more strongly now than ever, to follow that impulse to let go, put down, be still, stop…and trust that we don’t have to know ahead of time our next move, or where whatever it is we need next will come from.

inner being

Drinking In The Sweet Elixir

What feels most important is the letting go and living in the slipstream of our inner being, the stillness, and the drinking in of that sweet elixir, naturally extracted and absorbed into our physical body from the very current of pure love running through all of existence, through each of us.

To Be Fed From Within

When I pick up that pen to write, I am taking action, I am following an inner impulse, not ever knowing the outcome in advance or whether I’ll like the end result or not. When we choose to let go, put down and be still, that, too, is taking action to drink in and be fed by the Source of our own Being.

The Linear & Logical Brainwash

We’ve been so brainwashed…so corrupted into believing that the meaning of our lives is fashioned and found in only a logical way…a linear set of steps that line up in an ordered sequence of external actions and events that say, “I want to be happy. I must take action to get educated, work hard, achieve success and material wealth, find a life partner, pro-create, blah, blah, blah…

The Ultimate Action

What if, instead it went something like this…”I want to be happy. I take action by going within, connecting to stillness, falling into silence, naturally moving deeper inward for the answers, the counsel, the comfort, the calm, the impulse to move into the flow of joy, meaning, beauty, depth or inspiration, none of which is hardly ever found by following only logic and a linear path.

Living In The Slipstream of Your Inner Being

Connecting to and living in the slipstream of our own inner being and following that internal movement, is more like a spontaneous flow…sometimes meandering…sometimes like rushing rapids…sometimes like a cascading waterfall, but for certain, always fresh, alive and unknown beforehand, and utterly surprising as it unfolds.

Why The Current of Love Can Seem Foreign

Trusting what we are truly made of…the love that powers everything…can seem so foreign on our current world stage where all roads seemingly appear to lead outward, to the external, the artificial, to the constant barrage of false, fear mongering, addictive and subliminal images and messages being streamed through our devices and media outlets.

Being Led Astray For A Reason

Ever wonder why we are incessantly and consistently being led away from our own Source connection? Do we really believe and accept all the bullshit we’ve be fed for centuries? We humans – with our ability to know what we truly are, our ability to glean our own information source from within and create new worlds – are the most highly advanced technological instruments on this planet and we’ve been led astray from that knowledge for a reason.

Stay Tapped Into Your Own Power Source

That knowledge would put freedom, autonomy, sovereignty, wellbeing, ease, effortlessness, beauty, joy, acceptance and unity in our hands. It would give us the power and authority to create new systems and creative ways of living, being and thriving that would be inclusive, self generating, supremely efficient and considerate of the earth, and more than abundant.

We Are Doing It

Guess what? It’s already happening! This is how we are evolving. We are doing it as more and more people let go of the old and learn to tap into the silence of their own inner wisdom and authority. Hence, the intensification of attempted control and fear tactics on the world stage. Give it no attention. Keep tapped into your own pure power source.

inner being

Becoming Uncorruptible

The more we choose to get quiet, let go, rest, and soak in the nourishing stream of our own inner source connection, the less corruptible we become, instead, becoming stronger on all levels, standing solid and tall within our bodies, a rebirth of which can instantly detect, annihilate and vaporize the slightest negative interference or intent to infiltrate or corrupt our being.

Fierce & Detached

This love that we naturally are is not just something beautiful or mystical. It’s also fierce, detached and has the ability and capacity to burn anything that is not aligned with it to the ground.

It’s Not All Bliss & Sweetness

When we learn to simply drink from our own inner wellspring, we tap into untold beauty, naturalness, quietude, clarity, creativity, compassion, integrity, aliveness and joy.

This doesn’t mean we’re forever blissful and full of sugary sweetness. Not at all. It just makes us real, without all the bullshit. We say what we mean and feel, deliver it with compassion and integrity. We listen. When we feel triggered by life, before we do anything, we sit with it, get quiet, go within…no running blaming. We allow whatever it is to upset us, we stand still and let the feeling wash through us.

What Love Does

This is what love does when we get out of its way. It purges whatever doesn’t belong until the next wave comes along to expand and stretch us even more.

There’s no finish line…sorry to say…, a place where we can jump up and down and shout, “I made it!” The love that we are is like the ocean, and we, the undulating waves…an infinite movement…a dance across forever.

Knowing What We Are

What’s meaningful and important is knowing what we are, rather than being at the mercy of others, our emotions or circumstance. There’s a certain calm…an almost “unbothered-ness” to life’s unexpected surprises when we are connected and anchored in the wellspring of our own inner being.

A Moveable Feast of Moments

We learn to trust that as long as we are drinking from this wellspring alone…drinking in that elixir of love everyday, by choosing to connect there rather than via our device addictions, then no matter what shows up in our lives or leaves…it’s okay…because it’s love that’s moving our hand across the page, writing our day to day life…a dynamic, alive, moveable feast of moments…some which are purging, difficult and restorative, and some that are joyful, light-hearted and filled with such natural exhilaration…and everything in between.

A Dynamic Movement & Flow

In the end, it isn’t so much about an accumulation of experience or memories, but rather, how much we moved and flowed, lived and died, moment to moment in the slipstream of our own beautiful inner being.

With love,

Heather xo


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