Limitless Living


As I write this, I am drinking in the gorgeous, sweet fragrance of the Easter Lily sitting in front of me on the coffee table.


Beside it is a crystal brandy snifter filled with colorful foil wrapped, dark chocolate Easter eggs from a local chocolatier in town.


The music that is dancing through my energy field and further enhancing my inner sense of well-being, is the soft and gentle sounds of Native American flutes, called Native Spirit, and is accompanied with the natural sound of birdsong and flowing waters.


Outside, the sky is a cloudless, brilliant blue, and I am looking forward to relishing the warm sunshine on a hike in the forest later on.


All of this, a reflection and honoring of personal, radical self care.


Earlier this morning, the feeling and scene here in my home was very different.


My daughter woke up with a stabbing pain in her left hip. I could tell it was painful by the paleness in her face and the fact that she did not feel like eating.


With a million things to still do in order to drive her to school on time, including the fact that she has taken on the job of looking after our neighbors cats for two weeks, who need to be fed morning and evening, I could feel the pressure and anxiety rising.


With that discomfort, I took a deep breath, and simply let go to the unlimited realm of Being with what is.


In that moment, I intuitively knew to ask my daughter to forget breakfast and climb up onto our massage table.


More intuition led my hands to massage the neuro-lymphatic points along the outside of her thighs and her lower back, training from my Touch For Health days.


She was not a happy camper, as these points were excruciatingly painful, a sure sign of toxic build up in the large intestine, but with gentle guidance to simply breathe through it, she moved her own energy and was able to see what power she holds within.


An empowering teaching moment for a fourteen year old.


All of this took about twenty minutes, and by the time she got up from the table, she was laughing and headed straight to the bathroom, where all that was blocking found movement.


I find kids are so receptive to body and energy work.


Pain free, we left for school a little late, with breakfast eaten in the car. No big deal.


I write about this to share the example of limited and unlimited awareness.


My immediate reaction to her pain, alongside the worry and compassion, was irritation. Irritation that she was suffering, that we were going to be late, that this was not going to be a pleasant morning, that she was over-reacting and being dramatic..blah..blah..blah..


Limited awareness. Reaction based on past conditioning and experience.


As soon as the choice was made to let go into what was happening, unlimited awareness flooded in, and I knew exactly what to do, which generated almost immediate healing relief for both of us.


Back at home, the crisis over, (if you can even call it that) I am filled with the deepest gratitude for the simple pleasures before me…the lily, the chocolate eggs, the music, the sunshine, and the grace of living the integration of both human and spirit.


This is my joy in the moment.


The limited awareness of the personality and the unlimited awareness of our true self, is the “wholistic” make up of all that we are.


It’s important to embrace and accept both in order to function fully as the unlimited, multi-sensory Beings that we are, and also in order to have access to the unlimited, creative, healing energy of All That Is.


Many get stuck in the limitations of the personality which only anchors in more deeply the lower vibrating feelings of unworthiness and self-rejection.


The bridge to the other side of this…to the unlimited realm of our True Being, is Acceptance.


And yet, that bridge will not even appear until we make that choice of Acceptance…to truly love and have compassion for who and what we were taught to believe about ourselves and our limits.


Even then, the only way to walk across that bridge and access the limitless, is our ever vigilant commitment to loving all that we are.


This does not mean we will never experience limitation again.


We may or may not.


What is does mean is that we can now be in the world with all it’s limiting beliefs and manifestations, but we will no longer identify with limitation by fusing it into our sense of self.


It will no longer stop us from being and expressing all that we came here to be.


The move from identifying with our limiting thoughts and experiences to identifying with the vastness of the limitless, is the energy and vibration that is currently propelling us to evolve and embody into it.


Call it what you will.


To me it’s an essence…


I call it Love.


With love,

Heather xo


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