…and the still, small voice said,


“Life as it IS, not as you perceive it, will humble you to your knees. Some already see it as it is, some are just beginning to, and some are catching brief glimpses of it. This is not some special gift for only a chosen few. It is for anyone willing to let go of the illusion of fear, remain open, and walk through the door of the unknown – because Life as it IS has not one single guarantee, except perhaps, that you’ll always be surprised by it. Life as it IS, knows nothing of fixed plans, solid futures, absolute security, and known outcomes. Life as it IS, is NOW, and what it always whispers to you, if you listen deeply is….life is is life.”


Sometimes it’s a challenge to see life as it really IS, so mired in our minds are we in the day to day details of getting things done and desperately wanting to feel like we’ve accomplished something at the end of a day.


But, does the sun rise in a race to set?


Does Winter rush itself into Spring?


Does a bloom hurry to flower?


Does a fetus become an instant baby?


Does Existence even know what time is?


It’s only our minds that make up this urgency, this pressure, this anxious illusion of “not enough” that constricts our ability to just naturally be a Being.


What is there not enough of exactly?


We tell ourselves that there is not enough time, enough money, enough resources, enough safety, enough truth, enough goodness, enough love.


How many times have you ever heard someone complain that there wasn’t enough fear, hatred, lies, crime, or poverty?


Mass consciousness has been locked in this bad, bad, dream for so long, that it’s forgotten to simply step back a bit, create some space, take a deep breath, and take a good look around beyond the constrictive, little, isolated lives our hypnotized minds would trick us into living.


Take a really, really, good look around…with your heart…not your mind…


It will actually BLOW your mind…and that would be a very, very good thing.


Life as it IS, is right in front of us, because it is US.


Do you really believe you can be separate from Life Itself…separate from all the beauty, love, abundance, grace, mystery?


It can certainly appear that way and feel that way based on the lies we’ve believed for eons, which have had us using our minds to focus so narrowly on fear and lack…but I ask you…


How can there be SO MUCH OF EVERYTHING?!


How can there be so much eternity, vastness, stillness, unknown?


How can there be so many sperm, ova, stars, snowflakes, cells, people, trees, leaves, feathers, coffee beans, rocks, dust motes, bugs, blades of grass, cars, chocolate bars, flowers…you get the picture.


I’ve actually done both walking and driving meditations where I ask myself with everything I lay my eyes upon, “how many of these in the world?” Right down to the bolts on the wheel of a car, shoes, shoe laces, bikes, scarves, birds, paper clips, computers, pebbles, sounds, etc…


It’s such a wonderful way to move through a day.


Walk around a grocery store…there is SO MUCH of everything in just one store.


It’s beyond comprehension…


It’s entirely staggering…


It’s so life affirming…


…and it’s ever so humbling.


When we can see Life as it IS…with our heart, instead of how we tend to perceive it with the lies of our mind, (which of course, keeps the door to the kingdom locked tight) we’ve come home.


…and the still, small voice said,


“In the quiet, stillness of the vastness that is both the collective and singular you, there is an infinite wholeness…there is a WE. It is here your destiny awaits. It is Life…unplugged from the matrix of the mind. It is as close as your breath, and it is yours for the taking. No more memories of home. No more longing. Time to fall in love, here and now, with Life itself.”


With love,

Heather xo


  1. Shahin

    Good morning sweetheart,
    What a great impact you have on all and me. I woke up very early this morning to do my morning meditation holding the focus for all,and make my delicious coffee which I enjoy so much and drink it with so much gratitude to the Divine. Out of all the coffee beans that were created from day 1, I got to get my share today, everyday and always. How can I be ungrateful? Reading your words today, was again life affirming. To erase the (the sacre-city!!!)scarcity consciousness from our illusion-making minds is one of the many things you are doing and that is incredibly empowering with your writing style. You are so right. It feels so healing to wake up and see the Divine in everything including oneself. I truly enjoy your blog and appreciate it so much darling.

  2. Liz

    Thank you for your beautiful words. I differ with you on one thought however … Life as it IS, has much more than a single guarantee, it’s the world of illusion that does not. What is real, and guaranteed, is Love. Our true reality is, and has always been, constant and unchanging. Our true reality if we look within is one of perfect grace, beauty, and abundance… all that Love has to offer.


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