Life Is But A Dream

“In every moment we are absolutely perfect because our true nature is indestructible. Our true nature cannot be conditioned by anything.” – Anam Thubten

Sometimes it can be really challenging for the mind to grasp that this life we are living is just a dream.

It tends to cling on to it so desperately, so seriously, so fearfully, and yet, as Anam Thubten writes, ‘our true nature cannot be conditioned by anything.’

Have you ever looked at photos of the earth taken from space?

I’m always instantly reminded of the indestructible perfection of Existence itself, unconditioned…pure…and stunningly beautiful.

When we can view our life from this perspective where we are able to back up far enough to be able to witness the absolute glory of non-interference, total ‘is-ness,’ and staggering symmetry, we begin to see how our projections and beliefs condition our experience of everything.

Living day to day with deep awareness of our unconditioned true nature makes it possible to experience life as but a dream, not getting too hung up on this or that, playing our part on the earth stage, and having a human experience with all it’s dualistic tendencies. The trick is to live our human experience from a place of transcendence.

This does not mean we deny or escape. On the contrary, we learn to walk straight into the fires of life. In doing so, grace reveals herself to us.

When we remember to focus our awareness on the truth rather than the illusion, the illusion becomes child’s play, something we get to mold and shape because we can. It’s the genius gift that only we humans were given.

Free will.

We can use it to discover the perfection of our true nature and embody it, or we can use it to deny it and remain heavily conditioned. We came here to ultimately learn this.

Either way, in the end, life is but a dream, which can also be a nightmare.

We get to choose.


With love,

Heather xo


  1. Svilen

    Thank you Heather !
    I’ll work and think of what you’ve wrote…
    Such a gift are your words…
    I feel them deeply…

    Thank you from my heart.

    • Heather

      Thank you Svilen. Many blessings always.

      With love,


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