Learn to Live Loved


Learn to live loved.


How many of us actually feel this way?


I mean really, really consistently loved.


I’m not talking about feeling loved by your spouse, kids, friends, or parents. I’m talking about feeling deeply loved from the inside out by Existence itself.


Recently, I was out for a hike in nature. It was a gorgeous, sunny, warm day. As I was walking, I was reflecting on how being out in nature is what brings me such joy, always, and consistently.


I asked my Self why that was, and heard this Divine Uttering:


“Nature is a pure reflection of unconditional love. It has never tried to take from you. It only gives. And what it gives is Love. Pure love…without conditions. This love makes you feel utterly safe. Every leaf, flower, tree, insect, animal, star, cloud, sunbeam, raindrop, and blade of grass is Existence saying, ‘I love you. I am you!’ Even what you term natural disasters, is giving on a level that you may not completely accept or understand in the moment, and yet there is a deeper, unarguable wisdom in the action itself. Take a look around you and see how loved you always are every second of every moment of your life. This love is eternal and always with you. Know that all of Existence is humbly bowing down at your feet loving you. When you feel that you are loved without conditions by Life Itself, then loving becomes your only reason for Being. Life in your world becomes easier. You begin to feel a deep, deep, sense of peace, trust, and safety. You let others off the hook. It no longer matters who loves you, if they do, or how they do. You learn that Love Is…and you are It.”


With love,

Heather xo


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