Knowing Where Love Is

It’s a wet, autumn morning.

Grey sky, loud drips of rain on the windowsill and a heavy mist that is muting the colors of the moment.

Knowing Where Love Is

Dualistic Conditioning

How often do we feel like the weather? When it’s brilliant and sunny, we feel alive, vibrant and light. When it’s a day like today, we feel dulled, lethargic, and stagnant.

True, there is a physiological connection to our human moods and the weather but there is also a great deal of dualistic conditioning that has been passed down to us, that warm, sunny days are better than cool, rainy ones.

As a human being walking in this world, my ego much prefers warm and sunny. I’ll admit that to the end of my days. I prefer sunshine and warmth!

But my Spirit knows otherwise…

That Which Never Changes

My Spirit says, “feel beyond the external to what never changes…go within to the place where warmth comes from Love, and joy comes from knowing this is your home.”

All of a sudden I notice the sound of the birds singing in the rain. They know where Love is.

I let go, take a deep breath, and watch my cat sleeping peacefully at my feet. She knows where Love is.

I surrender even more and revel in the beauty of the pink blossoms that are floating in the glass bowl on my desk.


Ever Deeper Into Everything

Endless, timeless moments go by as I fall ever deeper into Spirit, into Love, into Home.

No longer are the trials of gloomy weather and dualistic thinking coloring my mood and affecting my energy.

I have gone within and beyond, and melted into that place that contains everything.

Love is that place. It accepts All, for it is All. It resists no-thing.

Such is the choice we have all the time….regardless of circumstance…

If only we remember…and listen to the Wise One… who is our every breath.

Love to Connect With You

I love sharing these reflections with you and I’m happy to answer any questions or thoughts you may have. Feel free to connect with me anytime in the footer section below!

With love,

Heather xo


  1. Ji

    My Dear Heather,

    Your message was so beautiful. What a brilliant writer you are. To Know the Oneness of Mother Nature with us Hu-mans shows your Greatness and your intimate connection with All That Is.

  2. Danella Connors

    Heather thank you once more and again … I feel what you say and … through your words I feel invited into feeling and remembering myself … it is so easy to get caught up in the surface of life and yet when we do slip in … it is just as you say … where love is … with love to you … Danella


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