Kissing The Feet of The Beloved


One of my favorite poets is the great Sufi master from Persia, Hafiz, who lived and wrote during the 1300’s. He writes so intoxicatingly about the magic and beauty of the Divine that pulsates in and around everything, and about celebrating and treasuring the seemingly ordinary, simple moments of our lives.


In this short poem, Laughing At The Word Two, he shares so clearly the hilarity of separation and how Love has no opposite.


Only The Illumined One
Who keeps seducing the formless into form
Had the charm to win my heart.

Only a Perfect One
Who is always laughing at the word Two
Can make you know


Now, some 700 years or so later, the truth and wisdom of this poem (all his poems) are revealing themselves in a big way.


That’s the thing about truth…about consciousness…about Love.


It stands the test of the seeming passage of time.


It is eternal.


It is One.


Yesterday, as I was hiking in the woods, I felt moved to pledge an allegiance with the formless…with the vastness…with the One…with Love.


I stated from the deepest place of my Being that I vowed to spend the rest of my life in devotion and worship to unconditional love, compassion, kindness, beauty, harmony, peace, humility and gentleness, and that I would do that in the very arena of my own, simple life with all it’s quirky, challenging, beautiful relationships and situations.


I also stood in complete acceptance of however my life might have to change, grow, or evolve – more than it already has if need be – to honor this allegiance.


This is the nature of my walk in this world.


In short, my intention was to surrender whatever identification I was still making with “the-ego-judging-resentful-fearful-opinionated-self” (and trust me…there’s still some there, which I admit and accept) and then bowed down and kissed the feet of the Beloved.


I prayed as I walked, that Spirit would forever remind me that Love has no opposite, and then act on it….always, for in truth, and as Hafiz always wrote about, everything is an expression of the Divine. This must be so, or nothing would have the capacity to exist otherwise.


And the still small voice said,


“You have spoken, and now also written, your personal pledge of allegiance. It has been heard. You are, in this now moment, living your life as a prayer, and in so doing are adding to the alleviation of worldly suffering. Love’s state of grace is flooding your Being, and like a tidal wave, it crashes up against the shores of your inner skin. Here, it remains contained within the boundaries of your physical body. You give nothing away, except everything that resonates from this divine nourishment. Fed from within, you become the Beloved. May your walk in Beauty last as long as eternity.”


With love,


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  1. Donna

    This is beautiful Heather! It resonated within my heart! Thank you for sharing your gifts and insights with us!



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