Intention of Vibration


My daughter went back to school yesterday after a two-week Christmas break. I could tell she had some stress around going back. Afterall, life in Grade 8 can be a little daunting, especially if you’re sensitive and empathic.


As our car approached the front door of the school, she sighed a huge sigh and said, “Oh no. Not school. It’s so amateur.”


This statement did not come from a place of superiority or academic intelligence. It was not a “holier than thou” expression. I believe it was her inner wisdom’s utterly honest feeling about what it truly feels like to be here in the 3D world experience of mainstream, public middle school.


I lovingly let her know that she was not too far off the mark with her statement, to try and be patient with everything as it is, and I drove away wishing with all my heart that I could provide her with the kind of experience her Soul is so longing for.


I wonder how many other kids and teenagers are feeling the total futility and uselessness of playing the tiresome and ridiculous game of life in 3D school?


When I began to reflect on the contrast she must have been feeling between what the Christmas break at home felt like, and then what being at school feels like, I realized the vast chasm she has to forge in order to fit in.


Our day to day life at home is filled with the vibrations of God, Spirit, Love, Beauty, Grace, Harmony, Benevolence, Devotion, Reverence, Joy, Light, Destiny, Unity, Wisdom, Truth, Creativity, Compassion, Courage, Clarity, Tranquility, Peace, and Presence. We also spend a lot of time outside in nature.


All of this is so, because it is our intention to create and surround ourselves with this kind of environment, and at home, or in nature, it is fairly easy to do so.


Step outside of that into anything mainstream, and look out! If these vibrations are not firmly and solidly anchored and rooted inside your Heart and Being then its so easy to get pulled along with the masses, especially for most teenagers who want so desperately to fit in and belong, and I know my daughter will not do that if it means having to sacrifice her Soul…and so…there is much resistance which causes her stress…which makes me pray, that the harmonious, thriving, world I know so many of us are creating through our intention of vibration, would just arrive a little sooner, so that all of life in this world that we live in would honor the spirit and soul of every living Being, especially those of our children.


I am one person, who is also a mother, who wants nothing more than to live a dignified, beautiful life in service to the Divine within every Being, and to teach that to my daughter by example.


Ernest Holmes says, “One person, alone in consciousness with the Infinite, constitutes a complete majority.”


God, I pray that’s true.


And the still, small, voice said,


“It is a paradox is it not, that as you learn to expand in your consciousness, the world in which you were taught about unconsciousness remains the arena of your greatest teaching. Both you and your daughter are at differing levels of expanding consciousness, and yet by her choosing…of you as her mother, her deeper self knows the wisdom of the life experiences she is currently having, and while she may be feeling the frustration and impatience of her dance with duality, it is your loving presence in her physical reality that offers her the guidance and safety to mature, grow, and expand into all that she came here to be. In truth, her dance with duality will not require a lengthy time frame as she sees with much clarity the 3D illusion and has not bought into it. Trust that soon both her overall experience and yours will take on a more balanced, joyful, unified vibration of harmony. Remember to stay present,..accept what is…laugh…and breathe. There is a higher wisdom unfolding here.”


With love,

Heather xo


  1. Bev

    So true dear Heather….such is our dance in today’s world….& I hear ya! I as many of us are dancing the same dance….but as a young one it must be even more difficult in keeping focus & perspective…keeping her head above water, as she is still growing & learning in knowing her own identity which still to the masses is absence without a hint of recognition…but I also believe that this year will bring ‘Transformation’… our thoughts, intentions & desires for Truth of Love, Peace, Compassion, & Healing Energy, Respect & Protection for Mother-Earth will be made manifest, will become our New Reality…but we indeed must be patient…one drop at a time…something vastly ‘Grand’ is unfolding! Keep being her anchor as I know you will, & she will be just fine!

    Best Regards to You,

  2. Svilen

    Hi Heather, I like your blog, I’m the father of a 2 old year girl and even at that age I find it difficult for myself to leave her in the kindergarten, because of the same reasons and thoughts you expressed yourself. Thank you. I felt so well, when I read a parent who is worried and at the same time reassured as you.

    I think you’ve mentioned that you live in Ontario if I’m not mistaken. I live in Quebec. I love your blog, thank you for your thoughts and your energy and be blessed.



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