How To Live The Life You Love – Begin Now

One of my favorite thoughts that I have permanently downloaded into the computer that’s called my mind is, “we create our own joy.”  Doesn’t thinking this thought make you feel good?  It does me, and I am forever reminding myself of this whenever I find I’m in a situation that is pulling down my frequency.  In fact, learning how to live the life you love could be entirely based on this one thought, and because it’s a thought, we can begin right now to make changes.

how to live the life you love

What Makes You Come Alive?

Admit it. You know the answer. We always know the answer, but often our fear gets in the way of actually admitting it.  Why are we so afraid of our joy? Why do we deny the one thing that makes a life worth living? We are a strange species, that we would choose fear over joy…safety over joy…comfort over joy…and sadly, sometimes even death over joy.

Mind Dump – A Necessary First Step

Depending on how old we are, we probably have decades worth of old and stagnant programming operating our mind and causing us to make certain decisions about our life that are in no way serving us to live the life we love. Mostly, we have been brought up to work hard, sacrifice, make money, be successful, not rock the boat, and for heaven’s sake, don’t give in to the earthly pleasures of life, or in other words, sin. Geeze, Louise…time to ditch all that heavy, dark ages crap.

The Entire Universe Is Created Through Desire

This, however, may take some time, and it may also be painful as purges and cleanses often are, but it is a necessary first step in clearing out some room for the mind of the soul to move in. If we understand anything about the metaphysical world, we know that the entire universe is created through desire, and yet how many times have you heard that our desires are a bad thing?

Meditation – How To Live The Life You Love

Meditation is the best way to take us into the infinite field of all possibilities, and then to return so that we can create the life we love according to our dreams. Often people meditate in order to sleep better, to calm any anxiety, to feel more relaxed, or to alleviate stress.

The Journey Of Spiritual Development

Meditation will certainly give us all of these things, but the true purpose of meditation is our spiritual development and is a journey that eventually leads us to our essential state or most natural, authentic self. The more we tap into the home of our essential being, the more we can begin to mold and shape our life to embody what we love, but don’t worry, this is not difficult, because we soon discover through the mirror of our newly connected essential self, just how much of our current life is full of that which we don’t want!

Answers Come From Spirit and Require Solitude

We need to experience solitude on a regular basis in order to hear the voice of spirit. So often we are afraid of being alone because we associate it with loneliness. Society itself sends this message to us, that if we are alone then we are not alive. Many people are ashamed of being alone, and yet, solitude is absolutely necessary in order to know who we are and what brings us joy.

how to live the life you love

How To Create Your Own Joy

Through daily meditation we can learn how to feel happy and at ease rather than fearful and anxious, we can drop the need to seek approval, we can let go of the good or bad opinion of others, we learn the art of self-acceptance, how to surrender to living in the moment, how to trust that the universe always has our back, and to let go of drama, resentment, or old grievances.

Little Glimmers of Pleasure Begin To Rise Up

When we can do this and have made some space, no matter how small, we begin to feel a little lighter, and when we feel a little lighter, we can actually begin to sense that which brings us joy – the smell of a potted hyacinth in bloom, an endless blue sky, waking up unhurriedly and with ease, to eat in a peaceful, calm setting, the taste of chocolate or the smell of coffee, holding your child’s hand for no reason at all. These are just the little glimmers that can rise up when we make some room for joy.

Crafting A Life You Love – A Big or Small Makeover

This makeover really depends on how out of alignment you are with your natural, true self. There was a time in my life where I was way out of alignment and my makeover was a biggy. It involved quitting a job, receiving social assistance, moving, and having the time and space and solitude to connect with my inner being.

Being Ripe, Teachable, and Surrendered

My only goals for the day for three years, besides caring for my daughter, was to meditate, to write, to breathe deeply, to walk in nature, and to feel. I was determined to figure out how to live a life I loved. When we reach that place of not being able to stand our life any longer, we are very ripe and teachable, but we have to be able to surrender to what our spirit has in store for us.

Bringing Joyful Experiences Into Your Life

It’s really not that difficult to cultivate a joyful life once we’ve let go of the baggage that was weighing us down. A life that can nourish us, heal us, and in fact open us up to life itself. For me, I’ve learned that it is the small things, everyday things, simple things, and ordinary things that bring this joy.

Sleep, Laughter, and Being Creative

Things like getting enough sleep, taking the time to prepare and eat nourishing meals in a pleasing setting -unhurried, laughing with total pleasure; at myself mostly, but also through movies or stand up comedy, being able to rest or take an afternoon nap if I feel tired, spending quiet time alone in meditation, exercising and moving my body in a way that feels good to me, immersing myself in nature as often as possible, working at something that feels creative and rewarding and is not compromising my time through long hours or a long commute, and being able to say ‘I’m sorry’ if I have unintentionally hurt someone.

We Create Our Own Joy

Ultimately, this statement is all we really need to understand if we want to learn how to live the life we love. For me it ended up being about freedom – the freedom of time – to have lots of space in between things so I could hear my own spirit and pay attention. But it was also about scaling down and living a lot more simply. My choice of lifestyle may vastly differ from what you want from life and what brings you joy, but that doesn’t matter one little bit.

Feeling Alive, Joyful, and Expansive

What matters is the way we feel about how we are living our life and if it is fulfilling to us on all levels. Do we feel alive, joyful, expansive, and growing from the life we are living? If not, then we are completely in charge of making the changes that will shift our world. I love this quote that perfectly describes the inner mastery we all have to live the life we love. “On this rock I stand and the whole world can adjust to me.” – William Penn Patrick. I liken the rock to our inner game, and once we are on our way with that through some form of meditation, then the whole world will adjust in such a way that we find ourselves actually living the life we love.

I Love Connecting With You

Do you have any questions about living the life you love? You can connect with me anytime in the footer below or in the comment section.

Wishing you the life you love…

Heather xo


  1. Nate

    I recently made a huge change in my life and quit my job that I hated and moved across the country in search for a better life. It was scary to make the jump without knowing how, or what would happen, but humans are nothing if not resilient when faced with adversity. I still wrestle with the idea of not living the traditional life that society expects me to live, but I can say that I have never been happier than I am living life on my own terms. Great post!

    • Heather

      Hi Nate,

      What a total pleasure to read your words. It takes a tremendous amount of courage and deep inner conviction to go against the tide of societal expectations and I commend you on following your inner compass towards that non-traditional life.

      I’m sure you already know that the clue you are on the right track is in the fact that you ‘have never been happier than living life on my own terms.’ I believe this is the ‘gold’ of life.

      Thank you for sharing this step towards your freedom.


      Heather 🙂

  2. Maria

    There’s something about you and the way you write that already creates a sense of inspiration to do better and to live life with more joy. This article covers a lot of ground, and clearly you are experienced in helping us get out of our ruts and enjoy life more. I feel many of us as time goes on get mired into things we’re wishing for, frustrated about, or stuck on, and it takes some work to get ourselves out of our way. Thank you for this article, bookmarked and keeping for my own benefit!

    • Heather

      Thank you, Maria for your kind words.

      I can certainly relate to those feelings of frustration and feeling stuck and mired in our ruts. The trick is not to stay there, and some of the best ways to blast ourselves out of those heavy feelings is to feed the soul…to nourish it and give it what it is longing for.

      And what is it longing for? Anything that brings pleasure to our five senses. Our soul is basically starving for more gentle touch, mouth watering tastes, beautiful sounds, incredible fragrance, and awe inspiring that found in nature or art.

      When we learn to nourish the soul, our life can become one of joy…a life that we truly love.

      Heather 🙂

  3. Bimmerguy

    This is a very insightful page on learning how to live the life you love. In a world that is fraught with distraction whether it be for political or social reasons, it can be awfully difficult for one to truly have a sense of freedom and liberation from our environment. Mobile devices and social media have infiltrated our daily lives. I love how you mention meditating to combat this. I personally meditate on a daily basis and it helps me find peace. Thanks for the great article!

    • Heather

      Our sense of freedom and liberation can only ever come from within, so the fact that you meditate on a daily basis will pretty much put you at choice when it comes to all the mobile devices and social media outlets that are available. These things can only infiltrate our lives if we allow them to.

      I’m so glad you found this post insightful, and thanks so much for stopping by.

      Heather 🙂

  4. Barry

    Hi Heather,

    I agree that many get so tied up in material that they do not see that they are a slave to it.

    Taking the time to just do what we want to do is very valuable. Quiet ourselves and do what we need to do to relax.

    I have never really been one to meditate but when I did it was a good experience. I think Janis Joplin said it well.

    “Freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose”.

    Good point on taking small steps to start and before you know it we may be running. I feel calmer just reading your words.

    It’s odd but I can imagine your voice.

    I hope you find all you are searching for.

    • Heather

      Hi Barry,

      Taking the time to nourish the soul is vital if we want to live a life we love.

      Meditation can take many forms, from a mindful walk in the forest, to being present while washing the dishes. Anything that we are doing, mostly alone, and with great attention.

      Love Janis Joplin’s line from her classic song. Lots of truth to that.

      Heather 🙂

  5. DanielHauge

    Wow :O What you’re doing here is so useful! It is very exciting and helpful. A lot of people need to start living the life they love, instead of just doing what they’re being told, and you’re doing a perfect job helping. . I also like that you write in a very detailed and thorough manner. Also, it is written in a very easy to understand language. I am definitely going to bookmark this page. I might even consider showing it to some of my friends 🙂


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