How To Let The World Change You

How have you been changing as a result of our current human existence? Have you been learning how to let the world change you this past year? It’s definitely been my experience thus far.

Are you allowing the world to change you, or are you thinking you can change the world?

Is it possible to remain exactly the same…ever?

how to let the world change you

Would you argue that change is natural by virtue of simply being here in the world?

What happens between infancy and old age?

Do we consider our life a privilege, regardless of circumstance, or something we feel entitled to?

Isn’t each and everyone’s personal experience thus far, from birth to present, proof enough that the world is here to change us, and not the other way around?

Who hasn’t been slammed against a wall, roughed up, broken apart, ripped to shreds, and oftentimes shattered by life itself?

Who hasn’t been left speechless by the dance of nature, or person, or art?


And still, down, down we go, pulled to the depths by both fear and beauty, like water reaching the lowest place, like a reverent monk bowing with deep humility to the great unknown, like a flower yields and opens to the morning sun.

how to let the world change you

Slowly…slowly we learn to be humble, to be quiet inside, to let go, to be empty, to make space for that which is beyond opposites…the silent, sacred center.

Peace lives there…the one homethe one divine solution we all carry within…


From my heart to yours,

Heather xo


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