How To Feel Rich And Real – The New R & R of Our Times

It’s a rather volatile time on the planet right now. Is there anyone who is not feeling this energy? It’s manifesting as feelings of extreme hyperactivity in the mind which may be producing quite the roller coaster of emotions. With the sudden death of Prince and so many other creative geniuses this year, along with the ever-escalating concern regarding our planet’s survival, climate change, our tainted food sources from GMO’s, threatened species extinction (honey bees), terrorism, war, world hunger, teenage suicide, and the overall movement away from human interaction in preference of cell phones, social media, and various other technologically advanced gizmos, we are basically living in a time that could be likened to extreme PTSD as a result of everyday living. This is hardly the antidote for how to feel rich and real.

Rich and Real - The New R & R of Our Times

Being Affected By Intense Global Energies

Such a downer…I know….and it’s not my intent to bring you down….no…not at all. In fact, I want to share with you what we need to do in times like this…a time that we have actually never experienced before on the planet. Whether you agree with me or not on this is irrelevant. If you are alive and breathing in and out in this moment, whether you are aware of it or not, on some level you are being affected by these intense global energies in one of two ways.

Numbing Emotional Paralysis or Extreme Survival Activity?

You are either falling into despair and numbing emotional paralysis (while your mind spins relentlessly) or you are amping your mind up into an unnatural high gear of action and doing in an effort to feel some semblance of survival and control. I’m not suggesting that you are displaying any of this outwardly, (though you could be). Many of us have learned to become experts at wearing our masks. But I would venture to guess that there are very few of us who are not feeling these extremes on the inside at the moment in varying degrees.

Be Soothed By The Nameless, Placeless Place Within

With all this change taking place, it’s always good to keep in mind that which never changes….the inner silence from whence we all came. Some call it ‘home’. Others call it the ‘absolute’. Many call it ‘God’ or ‘Spirit’. Whatever we like to name this nameless, placeless place, it behooves us to get quiet and go there as often as we can throughout the day.

How To Feel Rich and Real – The New R&R

When we go there, either through a regular meditation practice, a daily walk in nature, or simply by taking a few, mindful deep breaths often throughout the day, we will be reminded of what is rich and real within. The more we do this, the more we begin to see the illusion of that which is taking place all around us in the external world and to realize that if there is to be any change at all, that it has to come from within. When we touch the silence and peace within and learn to live there, we become master creators of the highest order and rich with the kind of inner wealth that never depletes.

Rich and Real - The New R & R of Our Times

Our Outer Work Cannot Compare To Our Inner Work

This does not necessarily have anything to do with doing or action. To simply become a master creator of inner peace would be fulfilling a life of deep purpose regardless of what kind of outer work we do. From janitor, to CEO, to artist, to doctor, to beggar to parent, none of these outer roles would hold any significance compared to our realized inner identity, except to greatly enhance them.

Regardless of Circumstance We Create Joy From Within

Going within can certainly teach us how to feel rich and real and it also has a way of reminding us that it is from within that we create our own joy and happiness despite what is taking place around us. By tearing our focus and energy away from the external and placing it within, even as we move about our daily lives, we are tapping into the new ‘rest and relaxation’ of the times, something that is vital to our mental health, our survival, and that of the planet.

Awakening To The Truth Of Who We Are

As the light quotient continues to increase upon the earth, much darkness will rise to the surface to be released. This has been gradually happening in waves already since the late 1980’s but is increasing exponentially with each new wave and also as more and more people awaken to the truth of who they are. If you are feeling any sense of fear, frustration, isolation, loneliness, depression, rage, or just some downright slovenly inertia, know that these energies are sweeping through and causing all manner of disruption and discomfort to any person, place, or thing that may be out of alignment with the silent peace of all that is.

Finding Our Safe Resting Place

One only has to watch the news to see the rise in what appears to be a mass hysteria on every level of the human condition, but take heart….and I mean that literally….for as we rest into the heart rather than churn the wheels of mayhem and madness in the mind, we will find our safe resting place, a place of peace and silent wisdom no matter what is going on in the world or in our own personal lives.

Slowing Down To The Level Of The Heart

We are entering a period of time in our evolution where slowing down, communing and sharing from the heart, connecting with the earth and the beauty of nature, expressing our creative gifts, and deeply cherishing the extraordinary simple joy of becoming self-aware, that will prove to us that less is more, and all this despite the rise in technological advancement and the speed at which our minds and bodies have become so unnaturally accustomed to living. Learning how to feel rich and real on the inside has never been more important.

Freedom’s Just Another Word For Nothing Left To Lose

It will take great courage to heed the call and let go of all that we have been conditioned to believe as real. There will be great fear, but nothing…..and I mean absolutely nothing, will compare to the feeling of our own inner truth and the freedom we know we were born to naturally experience and live out.  In the words of the late famed musician, Janis Joplin, ‘freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose.’  Be brave.

I Love Connecting With You

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Wishing you much love & plenty of R & R,

Heather xo


  1. MCNinja

    Hi Heather, a refreshing perspective on a topic that is not discussed nearly enough.

    It certainly does sometimes feel like the world is falling apart while we are distracted by social media addiction and celebrity worship. How to wake people up is an often frustrating experience since so many are actually willingly ignorant.

    Thank you for your fresh perspective. I hope a lot of people see this.

    • Heather

      I’m so glad you enjoyed this post and found it to be a refreshing perspective on the topic.

      Social media addiction and celebrity worship are certainly huge, external distractions from what is real and rich within.

      Unfortunately or fortunately, (whichever way we look at things) the only way to discover how much of a distraction these things are is to get quiet and go within. Once we’ve gotten a true and solid taste of what’s ‘rich and real’ on the inside, it’s virtually impossible to allow the external world to hold any kind of weight.

      Heather 🙂

  2. Zinette

    Hi Heather, what a well written post. I have never thought of it from that perspective but I do agree that the society now has changed greatly and too quickly for everyone to catch up emotionally and mentally. I started out with meditation as well but fell off the bandwagon and saw what a difference it made when I was making time to meditate and when I just came up with excuse after excuse to just sit and meditate for 5 minutes a day. Just checking my phone sometimes takes longer than 5 minutes but it was just the thought that, how can I sit and do nothing whilst I had to finish my never ending to do list !! R & R indeed!

    • Heather

      Hi Zinette,

      What most people don’t realize until they begin to go within, is that their endless ‘to do’ lists become much easier to handle, in fact, a lot of the time the ‘to do’ list becomes extinct because we have learned to trust in the natural flow and order of things and come to realize that everything will be accomplished with ease.

      Being constantly busy is highly overrated and is a man-made mind program that we believe in dearly. Meditation can certainly help us to see life more clearly.

      I hope you give it another try!

      Heather 🙂

  3. Anthony Little

    I haven’t read many stories like your blog post, it something most people will just brush under the table. But this is happening in today’s world of depression and frustration of many people. I think your blog tells the truth of how to be rich and real within yourself. Joy and happiness come from within. I think everyone should read your blog post. Best wishes.

    • Heather

      Hello Anthony,

      Many thanks for your kind words.

      Yes indeed, joy and happiness come from within and yet, the most natural remedy available to everyone to alleviate any amount of depression or frustration is often overlooked and even dismissed.

      Isn’t it odd, and also sad, that we carry the very medicine we need within? It costs nothing, it’s natural, and has no adverse side-effects other than some possible growing pains and the letting go of some false beliefs and conditioning.

      Feeling rich and real is by far one of the greatest benefits of seeking out the inner silence within.

      Heather 🙂

  4. Andrea

    Thanks for bringing up an issue that people usually accept with shrugged shoulders.

    It’s true that the world is so obsessed with social media that they lose valuable human connection (how many times do we see a group of friends at Starbucks, each totally engrossed is her/his i-phone?)!

    The culture and society of the western world these days invokes stress and most of time, its not worth it. Every time I turn on the TV, somebody is obsessing over what the Kardashians did last week, or somebody is feeling pressured to look like Kate Moss, or somebody has a nervous breakdown and shoots people.

    We need to re-introduce a sense of detachment from material things and take an honest look at what’s really important in life: relationships, feeling good, self-improvement, discovery…

    Great post, Heather!

  5. Heather

    Thanks, Andrea for your wise comment.

    It all begins with ourselves first doesn’t it? Once we have become internally focused rather than externally…our perception of the world changes dramatically and we are able to be in it, but not of it.

    To me, that’s what feeling rich and real is all about.

    Heather 🙂


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